Energy for each day

Energy for each day
 The man - part of nature, and energy flows going through his body, must be synchronized with the energy flow of nature, the earth, the cosmos. With the help of this energy people realize their dreams. This energy gives strength for creativity and for ordinary, everyday affairs. Its absence leads to stress and depression, mismatched functioning of the organs of the human body, and, hence, to disease. How to find a power source to recharge from it daily?

If you listen to the words of others, you have to hear that someone complains about lack of energy and a bad mood, and someone announces that its full of energy. Why is this happening?

The amount of energy that you can get from the outside, is up to you. It defines the scale of your projects and business. Get energy from its surroundings people can through the chakras, but each energy anatomy is different, and therefore the amount of energy produced will be different. Someone, clean the apartment, feels frustrated and completely exhausted physically, but someone does not get tired to rebuild the world.

Improve their ability to obtain energy from the outside is possible, but this should happen gradually, through long practice. It operates the same principle as in the improvement of your physical body - persistent and regular training and exercises.

To do this, there are known from ancient times the energy practice and meditation, regular performance of which at least a weekly basis will allow you to significantly increase the vitality and energy. Even a system of exercise on flexibility, yoga, will help you become more energy. Good source of energy - creativity, it also contributes to the conductivity of your body.

Learn to protect and wisely spend your energy. If it is aimed at the creation, how much would you spend it or it will come back to you in even more. Good thoughts, actions, and even just words - a manifestation of our energy flow which increases the conductivity of the chakras and returns to the body, bouncing and saturating positive energy around us and nature. But any quarrel, especially prolonged and in a raised voice, literally sucks the energy of a person, it is released "to nowhere."

Therefore, it is important ecology of the soul and the world - is the source of your strength and energy, treat them with care, using them truly inexhaustible possibilities.

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