Causes of female frigidity

Causes of female frigidity
 Identify female frigidity and correct diagnosis can only be a professional sexologist. However, despite the existence of the problem, confirmed by this expert, a woman must necessarily also consult with other doctors: gynecologist, endocrinologist and psychologist.

Causes of female frigidity and sexual coldness or rather, maybe a few, but the main ones are the psychological trauma associated with attempted rape. As a rule, this group include indecisive frigid women, prone to hypochondria or prolonged fixation on negative phenomena. Imposed in early adolescence fears about a possible pregnancy and condemnation of the public can also cause frigidity.

If a woman through sexual intercourse does not experience orgasm and thus focuses on the negative aspects, such a situation may also cause frigidity. In this case, the discharge is not due to violation of receipt of the nerve impulse to the corresponding parts of the brain, which provides a process of muscle contraction, ie, enjoyment.

Often frigidity may be a temporary phenomenon, which manifests the loss of sexual desire for a certain period. Experts attribute such cases with vitamin deficiency, severe mental or physical exertion, including trauma, gynecological diseases.

A fairly common cause of female sexual frigidity is ignorance or inexperience partner. Get rid of the causes of the easiest - Today information is available about everything of interest can be read on a variety of information portals on the Internet.

Since frigidity is a disease should be treated. In this sense, it is important to desire the woman. Therapy can be based on psychological and pharmacological methods, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Same preventive measure against the development of female frigidity in girls is the proper sex education in which parents play an important role.

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