Balzac Age and mood

Balzac Age and mood
 Youth always valued by society as a fleeting gift of the gods. Youth idolized and glorified. However, in modern society, there is not only a cult, but a dictatorship of the image of youth. She refers to all but hardest hit was on women. After all, modern advertising standard of beauty, it seems, does not leave women no choice but to limit their active women age ten years - from eighteen to twenty-eight. If you're lucky - then thirty.

At the same time thanks to a comfortable life and conquests of Medicine age of life (especially in women) increased so much that it turns out the women's peak demand is negligible its segment. Therefore, many women experience a real panic with the approach of the thirtieth. Women are older often easier to get depressed, especially if there are failures in their personal lives.

It is still heated by the fact that modern mass culture has left one of the main markers of success of sex appeal. If earlier woman with dignity passed from one social role to another - from an innocent young bride to a young mother and wife and wise grandmother - and each of these roles is natural and was respected, now society dictates the main rule. If you do not have sex, you can be discounted. If you are older, give way to young. If you have lost puppy enthusiasm in his eyes and a fresh face - you're not kotirueshsya at this celebration of life.

There are why depressed middle-aged ladies. But women need to just try to give up templates that are imposed on television for teens and men's magazines, and look around. But in reality it is not so, or rather, not so.

Society values ​​women as mothers, wives respects women, keeper of the hearth, demand professionals in their field. Even men do not meet all the polls with a young student. They also do not just want sex, but also understanding. They are looking for an adult approach to life, responsibility and experience.

If you think that your train is gone, and you're standing alone on the platform, then try not to feel sorry for yourself and find something that you can enjoy. You got older, yes. This is natural, it happens to all. But this does not mean that you have become old! Modern cosmetology and medicine can work wonders, and if you are engaged, you have come a long good life in which there is a place of love, romance, good luck, a new voyage of discovery. Accept what you get older and looking at age not as the start old age, but as the extension of youth.

You are alone? This is sad. But not fatal. So, you have the time and opportunity to do what you've always wanted but could not afford. For example, do sports, or explore the masterpieces of world cinema, or to learn ballroom dancing or diving. No one will stop and blame that you abandoned farm and spend a little time at home. Tackle things you love, and you will be surprised how quickly you will be close to someone who you care about.

Think about your successes. Surely you have them. Think about your children - they may already adults. This is a great time to stop and take care to educate them, but simply to enjoy fellowship with them, to become a good friend.

Do not dive in thick fog regrets about lost youth. Remember to replace the first youth comes second, third. And in your power to make it almost eternal.

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