Ayurvedic methods of dealing with stress

Ayurvedic methods of dealing with stress
 Drug treatments often have many side effects and consequences, while natural medicine can not adversely affect the human body. According to ayurvedic theory, it is believed that man is a likeness of the universe, which is composed of earth, fire, water, air and ether. Ayurvedic science, which arose before our era, explains the rules of a healthy, comfortable and happy life.

In order to always be healthy, you need to follow the rules of life, the relevant laws of nature. Once the rules are broken, the harmony disappears and come disease. And one disease always pulls the other. The basis of the principle of Ayurveda treatment is to eliminate the internal causes of the disease. In ancient texts listed methods of cleaning person from the negative, which include massage, baths, proper nutrition, herbal therapy. All herbs and substances stored in the strength and power of healing, with amazing healing properties. According to Ayurveda products are divided into categories: passionate, ignorant and blissful.

It is believed that with herbs and spices person can acquire a positive or negative character traits. For example, eating cardamom, ginger, cumin, cloves, red and black pepper, you can get rid of the tendency to depression.

In stress the human mind is out of balance. To relieve stress, there are several methods. First of all you need to relax, taking a comfortable position and breathe deeply engage the muscles of the abdomen. Relief will be instantaneous.

One of the methods is meditation, which helps to achieve harmony of thoughts via concentration on any subject, sitting in the lotus position.
 The most effective method is considered applying to the whole body oil. Massage movements need to handle the energy points of the face, arms, head and neck. Stress gradually leaves the body, passes fatigue, improves appearance.

Nutrition affects the stress state of a person, it is recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits, honey, germinated seeds, nuts, butter and milk. Avoid eating meat, eggs and fish. In addition, it is necessary to do every morning exercise, using all the muscle groups. Quite quickly cleared the entire body, imperceptibly lost weight, leaving a bad mood ever.
These methods of dealing with stress in a positive impact on the complex thought processes and life in general.

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