15 simple ways to overcome stress

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 The life of man is connected with the constant stress, but the tension is detrimental to health. There are several ways to deal with stress. You can practice one or more, and can all at once - this you will only get better.

1. Laugh. Even if not in the mood, try to force myself to smile. Do the exercise several times. Read jokes, comedy look in the mirror or build funny faces.

2. Take a break from reality. Take care of what he likes, for example, read a book, go for a walk with friends or in a movie.

3. A huge role in combating stress plays human nutrition. Include in your diet fish, meat and greens. These foods contain high amounts of vitamin B. The source of calcium and magnesium are milk, cheese, cottage cheese, dried fruits and walnuts.

4. During dehydration stress occurs. Therefore it is recommended to drink up to 3 liters of fluid. Eat clean, still water.

5. More walk in the fresh air. While walking the blood is saturated with oxygen. Improved nutrition of the brain, heart and lungs. Call for a walk spouse or girlfriend. In this case, the health benefits combined with a good night out.

6. Sign a pet. Cat or dog will help you to escape from routine cases. Often take a pet on your hands, gently talk to him and ironed.

7. Fall in love. Love works wonders with the man - his eyes are burning, my heart beats more often.

8. During a kiss in the blood begins to produce enzymes that prevent the release of stress hormones.

9. Breathing. When you feel that the nerves to the limit, exhale and inhale deeply. And as 10 times. This technique does not help to save the emotions inside.

10. Take a relaxing bath. Dissolve the aromatic oil in the cream and place a container under the stream of water. Can be added to the bath concoctions of herbs such as mint, calendula, series or mint.

11. Engage auto-training, during which the man himself inspires positive attitudes.

12. Make time for exercise. Join a gym, swimming pool, dancing or yoga.

13. Drink black tea. It is composed of substances that reduce the level of cortisol in the blood.

14. Aromatherapy. Oils of geranium, lavender and lemon help reduce stress.

15. Take care of your appearance. Lift yourself up, facials, manicure or a new hairstyle. If most do not want to do this, visit the beauty salon. Change of wardrobe also beneficial for your state of mind.

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