10 facts about dreams

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 Maya Indians claimed that they live only to dream. At the time, dreams equated to the predictions of the gods, and the people who knew how to interpret them, had virtually unlimited power, for even the kings and kings often resorted to their aid.

But science does not stand still, and such seemingly commonplace as "dream" fraught with a lot of interesting things. For example, you can see the 10 facts about dreams.

The First. Blind people have dreams. But only those blind people who, for whatever reason, have lost the ability to see. Being deprived of view, they have dreams as well as sighted people. And those who had been blind from birth, see the "sound" and "olfactory" dreams.

Second. Man forgets to 90% of their dreams. In fact, many have long known that the majority of dreams forgotten. But the strange thing is that so many of them is forgotten. How many interesting people miss.

Third. Dreams can see everything. Of course, everyone is different, therefore, just as dreams are all different. However, as mentioned above, people forget to 90% back. But this average. That is, there are people who remember more dreams, and there are those who do not remember at all. That is why they say that just do not dream.

Fourth. Dreams prevent temper tantrums. Not long ago, psychologists conducted an experiment in which volunteers were allowed to sleep for 8 hours. But they woke at the moment, as the phase of dreams. As a result, after a while the subjects began to hallucinate at the usual time of day, be aggressive, nervous for no reason.

Fifth. In dreams we see only those people who have ever seen. That's how the brain by nature, that invented a new man, he just can not. Therefore, for the images used are those which we have ever seen. Let it even was a long time ago and far away. But in the subconscious memory of it will remain.

Sixth. Some people only see black and white dreams. As mentioned earlier, all have dreams. But, according to studies, 12% of people do not have dreams in color. Yet it remains a mystery why this is happening. But, nevertheless, the fact remains.

Seventh. Dreams - not always what they look like. Said a little unclear, but on such a unique phenomenon as the dream can not be expressed clearly. Rather, it is a symbolic language through which the subconscious mind communicates with.

Eighth. Vivid dreams. Proven that people who quit smoking, see more vivid dreams than heavy smokers or those who never smoked in my life at all.

Ninth. External factors influence our dreams. Oddly enough, but in my dreams we can often see what inspired extraneous sounds, smell, touch ... All this somehow affects sleep as a physiological process, and how to dream.

Tenth. The human body is paralyzed when he sleeps. Indeed, during sleep, the brain simply disables motor functions, so as not to damage the body and yourself.

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