Why are we cool off each other?

Why are we cool off each other?
 Years of living together are often detrimental to the relationship. Passion goes, partner becomes familiar and comfortable as slippers. This approach leads to a parting or novel on the side.

Before your spouse forced you tremble with passion from just one glance. Your relationship was full of pleasure. Intimate life was rich and exciting. Now when you look at your partner you want to yawn. Disorder in the sexual life of the spouses, as a rule, begins with everyday problems. Tired of household chores, job stress and other disorders we bring into the marriage bed. Forces on the sex just is not. From a partner, we are no longer waiting for something interesting. Everything becomes mundane and boring.

Intimacy in marriage kind of indicator of harmony spouses. It's hard to imagine a happy man or woman who refuse the joy of sex. It's no secret, and it is scientifically proven by scientists that the systematic sexual activity with a regular partner eliminates many ailments, prolongs life, not to mention the general well-being, stress reliever and other "benefits" of modern civilization. Advantages of regular sexual partner lies in the fact that he was all clear.

It is not necessary to re-prove their worth in bed, you know very well what he likes and what you need to do to give him maximum pleasure. Also a big plus is that you can not be afraid to undress in front of him, so he knows and accepts your figure with all the imaginary and the real disadvantages. You can easily decide themselves, in turn, offer sexual experiments man who knows where and confident. You can afford to be more relaxed and courageous, as it is close to you a man who loves and knows you.

Do not give up on intimacy with a partner. Do not turn it into another, remember that he was a wonderful lover. Find the strength to start a relationship again. Now a huge amount of literature for adults. There are specialty stores where you can choose something for themselves. Sex is a wonderful way to relax and relieve tension. Remember, as you very well together. Try to arrange a vacation, or even a romantic weekend.

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