When friendship harm

When friendship harm
 Female friendship is very different from men's. We become attached to her friends on an emotional level, we put them on the same level with family members, attach great importance to their opinion and experience when it is bad, revenge with them and laugh habits favorite men ... Druzhba- the joint development and promotion of life two like-minded people. But not every friendship makes us better, affect us positively. When friendship becomes a detriment?

We try to surround yourself with people with whom we feel comfortable. Comfortable to communicate, have fun, be sad - in short, to live life to the fullest. Friendship - knowledge of the sacrament of the soul of another person. We adopt the habits of their friends (sometimes harmful), some personality traits and communication style. But sometimes friendship with this or that person is not able to bring us good. There are types of friends, with whom communication will bring nothing but harm. Think about the termination of the relationship if:

- Your girlfriend constantly criticizes you. With or without. Communication with it can cause a sharp drop in self-esteem and constantly depressed mood. It does not suit your hair, makeup, clothing, workplace, office, nature, it does not wish you the best and not pushing for self-improvement, it is simply dissatisfied with everything. Ask her a question: if her you do not like it, why do you need this friendship?

- "Unfavorable" girlfriend. This girlfriend having addictions (we are talking about drugs and alcoholism), or having a pathological habit of finding misadventures on different parts of his body at any time. This friendship will harm not only your reputation and social status, but also can bring a lot of problems. Pulling girlfriend of another scrape, you can run into the most trouble. Do not be sorry man sliding down an inclined on their own - nobody will help him but himself;

- Girlfriend finds it possible to interfere in your relationship with the opposite sex. Of course, a man and a relationship with him - one of the favorite themes of women's intimate conversations. But sometimes, especially if a friend is lonely at the moment, she regularly tells you what to do in a given situation, insists on a certain behavior, call your blagovernomu an attempt to give him valuable and instruction becomes a "third wheel" in your disagreements with It should have a serious talk. Let the best builds his own happiness than destroys yours.

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