The ideal number of girlfriends

The ideal number of girlfriends
 True friends will never get bored and do not become your opponents. They are necessary, but not as a "vest for tears" or "tablet of loneliness." Psychologists believe that friends can not be much. In addition, everyone should have a role to play. Moreover, the role played by friends sometimes quite unexpected, seemingly people.

First girlfriend - "old." Perhaps your mom walked together in the yard with prams. Or maybe you learned in kindergarten. In any case, the strongest friendship - from childhood. With a friend you can remember cloudless youth, calming and is charged positive. And this friend will understand the hidden nature of your problem and offer a solution, which you are not even aware. After all, you know a long time ago, so you can objectively analyze the process of growing up to each other and to draw correct conclusions. The "old" friend knows you like no other.

The second friend - new. It can appear in place of the "old" if your path with a friend early years gone and communication is now reduced to occasional meetings. New girlfriend brings into your life fresh impressions, vivid emotions. Through this interaction, each of you a new beginning to evaluate some things and situations. You are different and complement each other. Each life becomes interesting and rich.

The third friend - very close. Maybe you met not too long ago. However, you soon realize that you have similar characters and outlook on life. You are comfortable with, sometimes you understand each other without words. Maybe you do not think of it as often as with a new girlfriend, but when he met you always talk to the most intimate topics and share plans. You will not go into each other's soul and rarely offended. Close friend always listen and support, openly express opinions and help in word and deed.

The fourth friend - colleague. Friendly staff - the key to prosperity. Labor process is going well, when there are people "for the soul." With employee can talk not only about the work, while avoiding unnecessary revelations from the sphere of private life. Comfortable for you and her.

The fifth friend - a friend of "interest." For example, you go to the gym together or English courses. You have common goals and share their experiences. You always have something to talk about.

Sixth girlfriend - my mother. With her warm and cozy, she's always trying to understand you. Mom in most cases will share your point of view and try to be helpful. Alone with his mother wants to talk, she can be trusted with many secrets.

Seventh girlfriend - not even a girlfriend, and a collective image. This is your fellow man. Communication in such a company will help you better understand parntnera. Anyway, you learn a lot! Friends come to the rescue in a difficult family situation and help sober look at this or that disagreement between you. And, of course, spending time with friends loved will strengthen your relationship.

Eighth friend - yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else. Therefore, do not swear at yourself. As often as possible praise "eighth friend"! Be in agreement with him - it's very valuable.

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