Learning not to violate the personal boundaries of each other

Learning not to violate the personal boundaries of each other
 From the mouth of family psychologists often hears about personal space. This is a personal time (as well as a place in the house), which belongs to man, and that he is entitled to dispose of at their discretion.
 People from time to time need to be alone, especially those who have a lot of work to communicate or to those who have a large family. Not all are resolved to declare their right to privacy, as feel guilty before the close.

However, privacy - an important part of life, which allows to gather his thoughts and rejuvenate. In fact, you do not need to make excuses, if you want to be alone for a while. Everyone has the right to privacy, to ensure that spending some of his time as he wants, even if others want him to be better engaged in something else.

In many families, personal boundaries are not respected. It is understood that the family member must always tell all, to explain all their actions, to act according to the advice of his family. If this does not happen, there are grievances and misunderstandings. That is why so often divorced from the people can be heard, as they are happy to finally gain freedom. Then, as if people did not initially sought to limit each other, then, perhaps, divorce would not exist.

It is necessary to insist on compliance with the other boundaries of your personal space, and also apply to them. Try to take a man as he is. In this case, you do not need to understand all of it - it's just not possible, because people differ from each other. Just accept that your parent / husband / brother / sister / friend has the right not to go with you to the places and activities that he does not like, do not go with you to the cottage, to dress according to your taste, to communicate with anyone he wants, and so on etc.

Perhaps you noticed that many very polite and understanding behave in society, but too demanding and intolerant in the family circle. This comes from the fact that people expect too much from loved ones, find themselves obliged to them, and yourself - the right to dispose of their time and actions.

However, everyone - individual, with their desires, goals, and freedom of choice. The more you restrict the freedom of others, the greater distancing call, and it is not the best way affects the relationship. If the family is present respect for personal boundaries, the partners cherish such relationships between them and have confidence.

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