How to find a friend or girlfriend

How to find a friend or girlfriend
 Do not have friends who come to the rescue or sincerely rejoice in your success, very hard. If you suffer from loneliness, you find it difficult to make new acquaintances because of uncertainty in their own abilities, try nevertheless to overcome his inner barrier and start to take the first steps towards future friends.
 To remedy this situation, try to no longer doubt about the fact you will not work, and spend the evening watching TV, and sign up, such as courses, which have long dreamed. Being in the community of like-minded, let them know that you are willing to communicate - smile, join the conversation and interested Hear those with whom you are together to learn new skills for themselves. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and invite the person with whom you want to make friends in a cafe or a walk.

Carefully look around. If you do not live in the wilderness and in the deep woods, next to you there are always people - neighbors, colleagues or classmates. Most likely, among them there are also candidates for your friends. Look for these people carefully, and if you are interested in some of them, sometimes try to communicate with him not only on the topic of weather or quarterly report. Tactfully ask them about what they are doing in their spare time, and perhaps you will find that they, too, like you, are passionate about growing cacti or breeding aquarium fish that will help you get closer.

You can make friends, and with the help of the Internet. Sign in popular social networks, enter your hobbies and start attending available there interest groups. Enter into correspondence with authors whose messages you like, and whose opinions you share. Become a frequent guest on the discussion forums that fit your inclinations - maybe that's where you will find "kindred spirits". Of all network contacts, scroll to himself those authors who live in your town, and that by mutual desire, you can start a private chat.

It will be easier to build friendships, if you will try to find in your potential friends only good quality. Do not treat their minor flaws negatively, do for themselves emphasize the fact that you communicate with them easily, you pleased to see them at a party or walking with them on the weekends - only with such a positive attitude your loneliness will remain only in memories.

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