How to be a true friend

How to be a true friend
 True friendship gets in life is not all. To achieve it, we must be able not only to "take", but also "give". In other words, it is necessary sometimes to forget about yourself and think about the other person with the same warmth and love.
 These girlfriends go through life hand in hand, they close at any moment - joyful or sad. Have such a person in your life - true happiness, because it can always be relied upon to share a secret, share the sorrow and delight. But you need the most work and, as a friend to be quite difficult.

Forget about selfishness. Friendship does not tolerate egoism, all you have to divide in half. It is not necessary constantly to draw attention to themselves and their problems, because they, too, girlfriends happen, and they want to share them.

Learn to listen. This property is very useful. By knowing how to listen always attracted people because of their nature to desire to share their emotions. Forget for a while about their problems and opens up entirely alien.

Do not criticize. Never try to sculpt the perfect person from another friend. Ideal people do not happen, and you have to put up with the shortcomings of your friends.

Do not try to seem someone else. The desire to tune out someone will also be a failure. If you will be hard to pretend that you have common interests and you do not get bored with, and in fact all will be vice versa - expect trouble. All secret becomes clear, and the friendship between the girls - is no exception.

Be honest. Lie is unacceptable in friendship. Forget about broken promises and intemperate words - they destroy even the strongest relationship.

Not to impose. Friendship is like a romantic relationship, and it is necessary so as to provide each other space. You can not be together all day, and then in the evening to chat for hours on the phone. Rest of each other in different companies, with the man she loved, with his parents. Long friendship based on the fact that people do not bother each other. So try to periodically step back at least for a short time.

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