Girlfriends different needs ...

Girlfriends different needs ...
 Female friendship - this is one of the most controversial events in our lives. Many critics, especially men, say that female friendship does not happen at all, but in fact it is not. Survive in our world with its constant stress and time pressure without a girlfriend is almost impossible. Some missing a single true friend, while others surround themselves with different people.

According to psychologists, each of us must "make" at least 5 friends.

The first type - this is an old friend. You were sitting at a desk at school or desperately hung out all five years at the university, you have a lot of mutual friends and good memories. Old friend to you almost like a sister who loves you no matter what, because you have gone through so much together.

The second type - a new friend with whom you met at work, while traveling or at the fitness center will bring new life to your emotions and impressions. Psychologists advises women to dwell on existing acquaintances, and recommend to constantly expand the circle of friends.

The third type - a friend-vest. To her you are applying when the soul scratching cats and it seems that all flies to hell. Girlfriend-all vest is ready to listen to you, not interrupting, regret and even give good advice. She just needed us to regain your balance in life, to share with someone their problems, and to cheer up after a hard day's work.

The fourth type - a party girl-friend. It is easy-going and always ready to accompany you on a fashionable party or soiree, cinema, theater or restaurant. From party girl-friend you rarely intimacy, but a community of interests support the flame of friendship. Friendship with the girlfriend often ends when one of you is getting married or moving to another city.

The fifth type - a friend with the same interests. It is possible that you go to one literary circle or a riding school. Maybe you met courses beading or cooking. In any case, you and this girlfriend binds a community of interests. You can meet quite often and talk for hours about the things you are interested in both, however, the lack of mutual friends will not let you get close for real.

Here are such friends, we need to get to feel happier, according to psychologists. Sometimes one single friend can combine the quality of all five types and you may be a faithful companion for life. Good Luck!

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