Female friendship - to be or not to be?

Female friendship - to be or not to be?
 Female friendship has always been a lot of questions, gossip and controversy. Some claim that female friendship does not exist and all that it is called - a friendly relationship. Others believe that it is, and is so powerful and strong that even the most ardent love can not be opposed to it.
 Girls from school used to call a relationship with a friend of friendship. But to bring such affection and devotion to her friend gray hair is capable of not every. What is the reason? Women interested in each other, they spend time together, have fun and have fun, share the grief and sorrow, trust each other, but to a certain time. That is, until a threat to their own happy existence until it starts to chase the feeling of rivalry and jealousy. Girlfriend brilliantly graduated from university, she turned up high-paying job, she successfully married, her children - a role model, and so on.d. Instead of sincere joy and admiration successes girlfriend cause irritation and annoyance. At the same time help in trouble, women can show compassion by nature, it often turns out more believable. But praise and pride for her friend, alas, is difficult for. When leaving trust, mutual respect, girlfriends become enemies. And here comes the end of female friendship.

But if friendly meeting pleasant, if a mutual devotion and interest in each other are not exhausted, if the communication gives warmth, comfort, then, perhaps, such a relationship can turn into a real strong female friendship. And not to destroy it, you should always behave in the bounds of decency, and to comply with certain ethical boundaries.

Rule 1: Trust, but not blindly.

Try not to throw out at her friend all my thoughts, observations and suspicions. The most intimate and secret still leave with him. Taboo on a number of topics to discuss with a friend who is not welcome.

Rule 2. Personal life - especially his own business each.

Free advice, guidance, teaching appropriate only if you are asked. But even psychologists are accessed for guidance, never give direct advice and action plan. Your task - to listen, support, perhaps slightly forward, but not to interfere and not control.

Rule 3 does not change the cavalry.

Fans boyfriend and girlfriend - a taboo. Those boundaries should respect and your "Sisters in Spirit": your gentlemen - it's just your gentlemen. If this rule is violated, obviously female friendship will end.

Finally, how strong no matter attachment to a woman, it should not overstep the bounds of personal space. Do not lead to the absurd friendship, inviting girlfriend untimely live at home, sharing with her wardrobe, a plate, a sofa, a sense of one man, etc. And most importantly - trust your instincts more than a close friend in time to recognize the hypocritical "sincerity" girlfriend.

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