Disorder due to friends

Disorder due to friends
 Friends - those people who is always there. They are witnesses of your meetings and partings. They "and in sorrow and in joy," always ready to help and support. And expect the same from you. And can be very offended if with a new lover comes into your life will be closed to them.
 How to make good friends did not consider you a traitor, has forgotten all lived together adversity? Which meet a new love, totally forgot about the old comrades? We must act cautiously. First, invite those closest and dearest to you people and meet with her lover. Best of all, if the meeting will be held in a place where you can not just sit and talk, and sing or play any game. With this task perfectly cope karaoke center or bowling club. During outdoor activities in new acquaintances will be able to get to know the interests of each other, to understand addiction and habit. Your friends will find a common language with the young man, he understands a lot about them and will no longer be jealous for no reason.

However, sometimes friends are able to destroy the union. This basically happens when the friendly gatherings come to the fore. And weekends and evenings at the club with friends or regular meetings with comrades in sports bars become a permanent feature. Friends fill all the free time, the solution of their problems makes it impossible to do their own affairs. But then, most likely, it is not even friends. And that partners with hurried life together. And just not ready to create a strong alliance in which each family's interests are paramount. Therefore, try to be at home less often, filling all the free time massives or sports.

Important in communicating with friends - do not go too far. It is not necessary to give out secrets lover, let alone articulate intimate details. What became the property of two, will ever be known to all. Do not get too close to let the family know. Of course, my friends are very important, but its secrets the couple should be even from those closest. Otherwise charm Union lost, and you will become just friends, not lovers.

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