Borrow - the art?

Borrow - the art?
 Sometimes a person falls into such a situation to get out of their own which he can not. Have to resort to the help of relatives and friends. The most common situation - the need to borrow money. The case is a responsible and challenging. How to do it correctly?

The first is not an easy problem that occurs man trying to borrow money - to find someone who can help. Each of us have enough of their own problems, and few have surplus funds, especially when it comes to large amounts. Most often, you can save a person who already stand on their feet. Typically, these are people older than 30 years. Young people are also able to earn money, but she spends them faster and rarely puts a serious amount of reserve. You can borrow money at once a few people, such as colleagues, but only if you have with them a very good relationship and problems with the return of the debt can not arise.

It is best to be honest to tell the reason for which you take in debt. Not necessarily tell all the little details and the details. But an honest story will help you gain the trust and sympathy of people, and if fictional reason will be revealed, trust you will not be.

Loan agreements specify all conditions. Of course, close people and relatives usually do not require interest for the borrowed amount, but it is better to stipulate in advance, when, how much will you give money. If you have requested a receipt for the money, you can give her safely. In court, she will not play any role, that of course does not exempt you from paying the debt.

There is a saying: "If you want to lose a friend - to lend him money." Unfortunately, according to statistics, debt returns only one in five. You can not abuse the trust and attention of relatives and friends. You have to calculate in advance how much and when you can return. Assess your opportunities really do not need to promise the impossible. If you are unable to pay the debt as scheduled, better to honestly tell the tale. Usually close person agrees to wait. In a pinch, you can contact the bank. The Bank may issue a credit for a year, and for two. You will be able to repay the debt and save his reputation, and then slowly repay the loan.

From any difficult situation, you can find a way out. But the main thing - to be honest and not to lose their loved ones.

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