Bad advice. How to get rid of the trust of others?

Bad advice. How to get rid of the trust of others?
 You are tired of the constant attention of the collective? You would like to see you do not pester requests or non-conversation? To solve these problems is quite simple. Get others to doubt you, let everything lose confidence in your person. This can be done quite quickly. The main thing is not to forget about the goal and unconditionally to go to her. However, keep in mind - to return the lost trust is much more difficult.

Constantly make promises. Particularly zealous that you never, under any circumstances, be able to perform. What is absurd is the promise, the better. If you unknowingly have already given some promise, do not try to carry it out.

Minimize contact with friends and colleagues. Do not try to help them, not the interests of their health and business. It is better to take the time playing computer games or watching TV. Never call back, if a person needs, he will find you do not reply to e-mails.

If you are invited somewhere, do not answer certain acceptance or refusal. Let the inviting party fidgety waiting for your arrival.

No need to admit their mistakes or shortcomings not compromise on. Get other people to accept your point of view, even if it is wrong. So you tell us about his superiority in the team.

Always try to get the praise not only for their work, but also for the work of their colleagues or friends. It does not matter that you do not put any effort into it, remember that the boss knows best who praise.

It is not necessary to stick to one point of view. Depending on the conditions, as well as the circle of friends is quite possible to change the view. Never mind that it took only five minutes, during which time it could change.

Talk about people just bad. Negative qualities are at all, so you can never go wrong. Conversely, you warn everyone else that lurks behind the mask.

More tell lies. You will love to do it, you only need to force myself to start. Remember that lie almost everything, but some do it more skillfully, and others - less.

If none of the above does not work, start to steal. So you absolutely will soon lose the trust of friends and colleagues. If they catch you, but begin to lie and get out. Blame and indulge all, open all other people's secrets and the secrets known to you. Let everyone know that there are skeletons in the closet each.

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