How to overcome a sense of superiority

How to overcome a sense of superiority
 Communicate with a person who suffers arrogance, as unpleasant as they were. This is because the arrogant man relates to people around down: with indifference and disdain. As a rule, such a few friends. A colleague of his dislike. A man loses a lot in this life, if we blow up as "bubble", and imagines himself from what actually is not. How to get rid of pride?
 Sense of superiority is not usually seen in people with adequate self-esteem. These are aware of the opportunities and do not try to compensate for their failure in the guise of greatness. But if people understand that people find it selfish and arrogant, it is worth considering and take the path of change.

Most importantly, it must learn the proud, is that we must always strive to put yourself in the other person. For example, there is a desire to look at the human eye derogatory and kill his fascinating story about summer vacation "And I ..." or "I've got ...". Immediately have to think: "Stop! And what will I, if you do this to me? "Most likely, once it becomes unpleasant and lost the desire to tell something.

A person who has an unjustified arrogance simply must learn how to smile at people. It is necessary to do so easily and naturally with practice before a mirror, and then on the street and in public transport. To do this, each time remembering some pleasant event of his life. Smile should not be stretched, and sincere. Once an individual becomes a useful habit to smile, he unwittingly ceases to be a "pompous turkey."

It is necessary to give up patterns of thought and habit to label people. I must admit that every person is unique. So, has the right to be different and to express their point of view. Becoming more tolerant of others, the former "imagined" will increasingly attract the positive and the positive attitude of others. And to less offended, do not expect much from the people and circumstances.

You must try to kindly communicate with people from different social backgrounds, different ages and nationalities. If someone inadvertently offended, but you must make it a rule to go to the first reconciliation and sincerely ask for forgiveness.

Practicing psychologists argue that an adequate assessment - vacillates. Ordinary people, even during the day can be delivered at a different scale of the pendulum swinging between indecisiveness and majesty. If proved to be near the mark of doubting, we must make every attempt to raise self-esteem. To do this, sometimes enough to straighten your shoulders and remember all their achievements.

And when enters to a point close to the pride, you have no witnesses to bow to the people, which offended. And even better - feel pride and then wring out the floor 10 times.

Confident as a man always easy on the weaknesses of others, because he loves and forgives himself. That's about to this state and should strive not to suffer from arrogance.

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