Friendship with the boss: Pros and Cons

Friendship with the boss: Pros and Cons
 Make friends with the head often very profitable: and moving up the career ladder is easier and higher wages can beg, and easier to get time off, and in extreme cases can even ask for leave to move to a more convenient time. But in fact, a good relationship with your boss fraught with envy on the part of colleagues, as well as many other troubles.
 At first glance, the advantages of friendship with the boss more than minuses. It seems that if you are in the list of favorites boss, you probably will be spared from overtime Subbotniks and various unpleasant events, and for absenteeism or tardiness will not punish you as much as other employees of the organization. In fact, things are a bit different: for example, the work can not diminished, but rather increased. In particular, the chief may ask you to perform a few personal errands Friendly, ie free. And if the salary and increase could pay a very messy.

One of the benefits of friendship with the boss even if colleagues are unhappy with the good relations between you, they still try to keep their opinions to themselves, especially if the head of the quick-tempered and may dismiss unpleasant for him to talk and rumors. In addition, the friendship with the head can be a cause for respect. But, unfortunately, in the same situation, there are downsides. Firstly, colleagues can begin to envy you and try to quietly put a spoke in the wheel. Secondly, some of them may start to attack you asking them to put in a word in front of the boss, which is very unpleasant.

Even if the friendship with the head really like you and him, and communication and collaboration bring pleasure, sooner or later it would end. Close people sensitive to the actions and words of each other. For the time being the favorite employee can forgive even serious mistakes, but if you still come a time when for one reason or another friendly relationship ends, it is likely to have to go on the dismissal. That's why the best option - friendship with the head, which is combined with the ability to separate personal and business, as well as to keep their relationship a secret.

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