Workplace tell about your character

Workplace tell about your character
 At work, a person spends most of his adult life. Therefore, everyone wants to make their workplace as much as possible comfortable and convenient. Desk can tell you about the nature sometimes even more than the contents of the bag.

If your table perfect order reigns, you are a man binding and organized. Such people are valued and superiors are excellent performers. But at the same time, an empty table may mean no presently urgent work. Indeed, during the hectic activity, we do not follow the order, and the table is an assembly of securities. Minimalism on the table may also indicate that you are a secretive man who was not inclined to trust colleagues not only privacy but also working the case.

On your desk are pictures of children or loved ones? You are a sentimental person and exemplary family man. Even in the workplace do not forget about the family and certainly a few minutes before returning home.

If your working in the bowels of the boxes can be found wipes, spare pencils or, for example, a bag of coffee, you can assume that you are a person thrifty. You always think about the future and are willing to share with fellow penultimate cough lozenges (last safely tucked away in the depths of the cabinet).

Your table is filled with a variety of souvenirs, magnets and other rubbish? So you are sociable and open. Most likely, you have a lot of loving friends, who are always willing to look to you for a cup of coffee and at the same time to present another small things from the trip. But perhaps you yourself often go on business trips or relaxing abroad. In addition, using the bright table you are trying to stand out among the masses of boring office.

When the workplace is clearly organized around glued bright stickers and diary open on today's date, it seems the person who knows how to manage your time and accurately representing their goals. The presence of the wall of diplomas and certificates speaks of vanity and professionalism.

Even if your workplace is small, try to keep it clean and tidy, because around the same people work. Sort of paper and office supplies, pick up every thing in place. Do not confuse personal life with work and do not expose it for show. Remember this simple truth: the order on the table - the procedure in my head.

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