What to tell your workplace?

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 Jobs office workers initially have the same set of items: computer, printer, telephone and stationery. But when the employee finally settles behind his desk, it appeared a variety of things - from a nail file and bale wrappers from chocolates to the gallery of photos of loved ones, and pots of flowers. Apart from the fact that such a situation is often distracts from the important things and takes a lot of time when searching for something need right now, it can tell a lot about the owner of the workplace.
 The first thing that looks passing by your desk chief, a state of the monitor and keyboard. Tons of dust on these subjects will not say anything good about you. An employee with such an attitude to his different sloppiness and superficial approach to assignments. It can also be said about the propensity to emotional experiences, which are also reflected in professional activities.

Almost the same attitude is pasted Sticker monitor, unfinished cup of coffee yesterday and vase with sweets, as well as their permanent attributes - crumbs and dried drops a week ago. Reminders of important matters are best record in the diary or use the appropriate program in the computer. As for the dishes, the desktop can be a personal cup holder, moreover, well washed after the next break.

Kip scattered papers, where it is impossible to understand the difference between important documents and "Draft" - evidence nesobrannosti, inability to plan and organize not only the workflow, but also life events outside of it. This character trait as disorganization, can become a major obstacle to rapid progress up the career ladder.

If your desktop has long settled a pair of headphones, it is likely to say about you as a creative, motivated and friendly person. After all, not everyone has the ability to turn your favorite music or even silence to concentrate on work. And thus dissociate itself from the chaos of the crowded office and distracting conversations colleagues.

Parade photos, postcards and souvenirs brought back from trips, in the workspace of your talking about sentimentality and inclination to delve into yourself. A weakness of such employees is their emotional sensitivity, and, being in a difficult situation, or made a mistake, they can at any time to lose efficiency. But it is these people, and attentive to detail and sense of responsibility.

Laid out on the table "inhabitants" beauticians will be given an acute shortage in your life and focus not only on males. Availability lipstick and mirror in the neighborhood with a folder of documents emphasize your commitment and ability to keep a secret, but will be given a low stress.

Psychologists recognize that the workplace - this, in some way, the employee's personal space. But because it is a component of the office, the team of a single company, you must comply with the general rules of etiquette.

The smaller the table is located personal items, the easier it will be to focus on work. To anything and availability at desk in office icons as faith - is a deeply personal matter of each person. If you are really important to the presence of such a thing around, hide it from prying eyes.

Work is never enough! And it is very difficult to find the time in the middle of the day to disassemble growing on desktop clutter. But still you can train yourself to finish the workday decomposition of things into place. On the morning of the next business day you will be pleased to sit down at the table and feel clean space to realize their professional plans.

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