What is the Occupational Safety

What is the Occupational Safety
 Occupational safety is a fundamental principle of labor relations, is a system of laws, regulatory and warning, socio-economic, technical, organizational, therapeutic and preventive measures and technical methods and tools, which are aimed at ensuring the safety of working conditions.
 Occupational safety - a system of measures aimed at preserving the health of workers during the execution of work. It includes socio-economic, legal, organizational, technical, medical and preventive, sanitary, rehabilitation and other activities.

In the complex composition of labor protection include the following elements:

1. Safety - a set of provisions aimed at ensuring conditions for safe work and other works.

2. occupational health - a system of hardware and organizational measures to help prevent or reduce the exposure of workers to occupational hazards.

3. Occupational health - preventive medicine that studies the conditions and nature of work, as well as their impact on human health. The industry is developing occupational safety and health practices and scientific foundations, which are aimed at preventing hazardous and harmful impact of various factors of production environment for employees.

4. Electrical controls the state of protection of workers from dangerous and harmful effects of electric current, electromagnetic field, arcing and static electricity.

5. Fire Safety, part of the labor protection, checks the status of security for the individual worker, as well as public and state property from fires.

6. Industrial Safety protects the vital interests of the individual and society, contributes to the prevention of accidents at hazardous sites and makes decisions in connection with the consequences of such accidents.

7. Administration of Work Safety - an organization of security measures, reduce accidents and injuries, occupational diseases, creating a more comfortable working environment.

According to Russian law (Article 212 of the LC RF), the employer shall be responsible for ensuring health and safety. Each employee should know clearly and strictly observe the rules of labor protection, both for personal safety, as well as in the interest of the production as a whole.

Persons guilty of violation of safety rules, are administrative, disciplinary, civil and criminal liability.

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