To work - on holiday!

To work - on holiday!
 People who are happy to hurry in the morning to work in the office - real lucky. They believe that the work - it's not hard labor, and fun. What is the secret? Psychologists say that the key to successful work that brings a person does not fatigue and depression, and the joy and satisfaction - is, first and foremost, a well-organized, or as we now say, "ergonomic" jobs.

Everyone noticed that if the room order, breathe and think better, and mood, respectively, increases. The same applies to office work place. Just a few minutes a break from their worries, tear off the tired eyes from the monitor, evaluate their surroundings and ask yourself the question: can it be called a harmonious and cozy your personal workspace? And if the answer is no, you should take the necessary action now!

First of all, remember: if you are too long in one position, and especially in a sitting, the blood flow deteriorates. Accordingly, all systems of the body are affected. In addition, when dealing with debt monitor very tired eyes. Try at least five minutes every hour to pay not work, and to myself, do exercises for the eyes, a special "office" exercises for the musculoskeletal system, take a walk around the office, look out the window. If possible, at least for a few minutes, go outside. Or loans to restore order in the workplace - this is not only distract you, but would be very useful for further, more effective labor.

In order not to waste time looking for the correct paper or notebook, determine for each thing its place. Also note the position of the monitor from the computer screen to your eyes should be at least half a meter. It is important to choose a suitable for your specific body chair with adjustable backrest. If the chair is chosen correctly, your spine will be protected from the load, and at the end of the day you will not complain of pain in the back and waist.

Spending a lot of time on the computer, try as often as possible to change its position on the chair. First, sit straight, then - sit back. And in any case, do not slouch, because the plain bearing is formed very quickly, and beautiful - for years.

Do not forget that the work - it's not only communication with the computer, but the constant interaction with other office staff. Never refuse an offer "to go to tea" in the next room if you do not have the urgent and burning projects. Ten minute break will not play the role, and you will be able to communicate and to establish friendly relationships with colleagues. And most importantly, about your business with responsibility, with love - and then to work you will come as a holiday!

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