Secrets of business style

Secrets of business style
 To work in the elite company just need to look stylish. Seemingly dressed in a business is easy. But this is not the case, since the choice of costume is necessary to consider the color, style and compatibility with your hair and face.

Life circumstances often force people to dress in a businesslike manner, but to do so inexperienced person is difficult. Basically, business style - the prerogative of senior government and large holdings, but every day there are more companies, where the dress code is mandatory, and therefore workers of these units should always be worn so that at any time to go to the emergency conference client.

In order to always be in the form, you'll need a business suit, which should be neat, elegant and attractive. First of all, he must like you, you should feel comfortable in it and relaxed, because you have to work at it a few hours a day. Such suits should be a few, otherwise you will make to colleagues and partners the impression of a poor man, unable to even buy clothes.

Ladies best to have in the wardrobe as trouser and skirt suits. If you want to create the impression of a strict person, then you fit the classic suit, and if not, the best solution for you would be loose-fitting suit with a blouse, a T-shirt or turtleneck original.

Most often in stores you can find business suits black, dark blue or dark gray. When choosing a costume, notice how the color will blend with your hair, face and skin color. An interesting solution today are considered light-colored suits, and for the summer - this is the best choice.

But do not forget that the suit should be original, so you might as well watch for yourself costume red or burgundy. Excellent effect on business style clothing gives a moderate combination of two colors: black and white, red and black, as well as some of their colors.

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