Is not it time you quit?

Is not it time you quit?
 To leave or stay - a question often try to decide for themselves, many workers. On the one hand, very sorry for the usual place, on the other hand, something is missing. But psychologists and even more categorical identified several signs by which you can easily determine that the dismissal would be the best way out of the situation.

The relationship of the employee and the company must be based on the principle that not only people working at the firm, but she looked at him. If in this equation there is an imbalance, then you can safely think about changing their place of work.

A striking feature of, for example, may be the fact that you have many years of promises to increase and the active promotion of the career ladder. However, the months go for a month, a year for years, and the new positions of higher rank get others. Yet you continue to mark time in the same place. In this case, it is worth considering whether all the duties you perform efficiently and to the extent necessary or is there some other reason your "neprodvizheniyu." If you think that you are a professional and deal with their duties perfectly, and the reason that you do not climb the career ladder hidden in another, then it is worth considering the feasibility work is in this company.

If you regularly conflicts and clashes with colleagues - this is also a signal that is necessary to look for a new place. It is impossible to adequately perform their professional duties in a team where there is mutual understanding and support.

If rush jobs - this is your usual state, if you do not remember when you had a day off, it is also said that the work would be better to change. Especially in the case where a sense of general fatigue and joined quite a tangible disease: frequent colds, heart disease, etc.

Unbelievable but true: a small salary is not in first place in the list of reasons why people change jobs. Although it is strange, professional personnel officers say. After all, when the money you pay is not something that is small, but very few of such companies do not even need to go and run.

And one of the reasons why professionals advise to change jobs - is if you have worked at the same place for more than three years. It is believed that during this period the employee opened his potential and he should only continue to grow. Otherwise it will remain at the same place. Therefore, if your company options to rise above the ladder you do not, it's worth thinking about how to change employers.

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