How to overcome the excitement before the show

How to overcome the excitement before the show
 To make a speech, report or presentation - Order a very honorable and responsible. This is evidence that the trust you as an expert, so familiar with the subject to be able to accessible and interesting to tell about it. If pride and joy on this occasion clouded consciousness that excitement can prevent you from carrying out this mission, you need to learn to deal with it.
 The excitement before the show - it's perfectly natural. Even well-known artists and politicians who are accustomed to speak in front of large audiences, not just accept the fact that every time experiencing the excitement before appearing in front of the audience. And it did not stop them with glitter to make so that their excitement and no one noticed. Therefore, in itself excitement - no reason to be afraid of failure. It is even nice and helpful - the adrenaline rush makes shine your eyes and pink cheeks.

Just before you start your presentation, follow a simple breathing exercise - deep and fast breathing in the air and slowly exhaling it. At the same pace - slow and measured, start your speech, then it is possible to accelerate, but do not go on the patter. The sound of your voice, confidently pronounces familiar words quickly soothe your recent excitement.

Not to worry, you can forget something and miss in his speech, sketch out its main points in the order in which they should be to acquaint listeners. Practice at home before the performance, pronouncing his report and using these as a hint theses. Your speech before the audience will literally bounce off the teeth.

Realize that you are - among friends, who so want to hear your speech. They set up friendly and thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with them. Understand that even if you stumble or forget a word, it is not fatal, you still understand and no one will laugh at you.

Some speakers use not tricky, but very effective reception of auto-suggestion. Imagine that in front of you little children, you want to tell the tale. Little "prinizte" your audience and you will immediately become not so bad.

If it's any consolation, we can say that in time public appearances are for professional speakers something of a drug. Many of them admit that they really enjoy, feeling an intellectual hero. So you just have to wait, and when you speak to turn from torture pleasure.

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