How to make a good impression on the first day of work

How to make a good impression on the first day of work
 Going to Work, a new team, the relationship which has long been developed, always stressful. As you were not confident in their professional and personal qualities, you will still worry and feel nervous tension. The first impression you make on the team, may complicate or may facilitate your further cooperation. It is important that it turned out to be favorable.

Try not to be late and appear to work for 15-20 minutes before the start of the working day. As workwear select strict classics quiet tones. For women, it may be advisable at least bright accessories, expensive, causing decorations. Makeup - preferably inconspicuous day. You should not pour spirits strong enough to be toilet water with fresh notes. Pay attention to neatness and cleanliness of clothes.

When you will present your new colleagues, smile and tell everyone how you can handle. If you will represent the rest, do not panic when you realize that not remember their names and surnames. Nothing bad will happen if then, in the process, you are excused, they ask again.

From the first minutes monitor their speech and behavior. If you are interested in the details of your biography, you respond with alacrity, but without unnecessary details. About marital status is also better inform myself in order to avoid detailed inquiries. Interest to you quickly fade if you fully satisfy the curiosity colleagues.

Should not be excessive curiosity or to show someone one friendly location. Behave naturally, politely and smoothly with everyone. If colleagues good-naturedly joke, then show off your sense of humor and do not meddle in the bottle, it is not necessary to answer rudeness, trying to stop the annoying questions.

Ask your mentor to allocate to which it will be possible to ask for explanations and assistance, which will bring you up to date. Do not hesitate to ask questions, no one will suspect you of being stupid, on the contrary, everyone will be glad to help. The opportunity to explain to a novice technological details - action that flatters any experienced workers. Take them such pleasure.

From the first days and join the team and do not refuse to take part in public affairs. In a break or at lunch offer a cup of tea with a cake that you have marked his appearance in such a wonderful team.

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