How to maintain a blog

How to maintain a blog
 Until relatively recently, blogs existed only in the form of personal diaries in which to make notes for yourself and your friends. Today - a socio-economic phenomenon. With a blog, you can not only record the events of his life, to share thoughts and ideas with others, but also to create an additional source of income, a business project or a powerful marketing platform for business development.

The measure of a successful blog can be to achieve this goal, whether it be an increase in attendance and the number of regular users of the sale of goods or the growth of the company. Achieve such results can not be without interest and won the trust of readers. Honesty, sincerity and openness - the qualities that are valued above all else in the blogosphere. But first about your online journal should know. To do this, you must have an idea of ​​how to run a blog, what features you need to consider blogging.

 First of all, the theme and the content must be relevant, original and different novelty. Make sure that what interested bolgosfera, choose something that captivates you and themselves may be more or less useful to others. Form your own writing style, adhering to the informal tone of communication.

 Bulgaria in Key Sectors prosperity depends on its traffic (traffic and readability). First, make it as accessible as possible for search engines: includes the most requested word in your notes, use meaningful headings, reflecting the essence of fasting. Post links to popular blogs (including your subjects) and leave comments on them, join themed blog community. Thus, you indicated for the other range of his interests and may have prompted to go to your blog.

 Links - great value of blogging. Each note has a function "Share with a friend" and the ability to receive e-mail notification of comments left on your message to the topic under discussion. These two actions can increase traffic to 20%.

 Users must be willing to come to your site. Therefore, the prerequisites for interactivity are encouraged to discuss topics engage them in dialogue. For example, interested in the views of a particular topical issue. Respect your readers try to respond to all comments.

 A common practice is to provide opportunities to subscribe to blog updates via RSS service, ie receive messages from the content of notes, for example, e-mail box. On the one hand, this saves time and facilitates the tracking of new information. On the other hand, suffers blog traffic. Therefore, you have to set priorities and choose between the convenience of readers and their own commercial goals.

 It is no secret that the traffic - the unofficial currency of the Internet. Therefore, any site with high attendance becomes a potential business tool, attracting the attention of advertisers. Advertise (banner, contextual or other) in the blog should be extremely cautious. It should not be intrusive and distracting readers from the content of posts, it is best to take it to a separate and permanent place. Often the greatest effect produces a story about the advertised product or service in the communication and the involvement of readers in the process of interaction with information through a contest or game.

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