How to control the quality of work

How to control the quality of work
 Formulation of specific tasks to employees or customers - just one of the steps to achieve the desired goal. Properly planned and thought control work will help to achieve the desired results without the financial and time losses.  
 Effective control of the work requires a certain quality benchmarks. Get information about the standards and best results in the area where the plan to monitor. Relate them with the resources that were needed to achieve similar results. Compare them with the materials that you use yourself.

Describe in detail the required results. Based not only on existing standards and samples, but also their own wishes. Consider subjective factors may force majeure, qualified staff, budget work.

Depending on the goals workflow break into several stages. Set a breakpoint for each stage. Prescribe what part of the work must be done to these terms, and choose methods of control. Pay particular attention to the interim assessment, since it would avoid improper performance as a whole.

All done up work should be clearly spelled out. Create a documentary base, which will fix all the necessary information in writing and to avoid further misunderstandings. This can be a contract, estimates, schedule of work. Try to reflect in these documents all the necessary nuances, as well as provide any outcomes workflow.

Consider ways of encouraging and systems for the recovery as the intermediate stages and on completion. When it comes to long-term project, it is advisable to provide awards for good performance they will be an additional incentive for employees. Do not overload the performers control. If you work conscientious staff, constant interference in the process can only harm the final result.

If you find it hard to assess the quality of the work yourself, hire an experienced specialist. For example, when building a house it is advisable to resort to the servants outside expert to help avoid possible errors in the work.

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