How not to get laid off

How not to get laid off
 Some organizations in a difficult moment for them practice downsizing. During this period, you need to behave at work so that the authorities did not have a single reason for your cuts. Of course, over time, they restore jobs. And it may be that then you will call again on the same post. But it is better not to tempt fate.  

First, reduced staff who bring a minimum profit company. These may include accountants, computer (on-site and those, and others can accept incoming), electricians, plumbers, advertising manager and department heads. If you are at risk, urgently take on additional, even if not paid, duties.

Try a difficult period not to take time off sick and do not go on vacation. By all means necessary to prove that you bring a lot of good home organization. Nor should we whine and cry. If you bother guide their complaints and petitions, it is likely that it is up to you will want to get rid of in the first place.

All people more comfortable to work with flexible, accommodating and intelligent people. So if you put their requirements management or often quarreled with his colleagues, then you are at risk. Urgently change their behavior.

If you have a child, you'd better hire a babysitter or leave him with his grandmother. And in talking to inform management. That it knew that you did not detract from the workflow, and a young child does not get in the way.

Try to provide projects to help improve the financial position of the organization. This may be saving tips. For example, reduction of packaging goods. Or offer to change the mode of operation. Think of how to make a better quality product. Obmozguyte various options and go to the manual. If you offer cost-effective solution, you will leave the firm.

If some employees have been fired, ask yourself in their shoes. Retaining the same functions. Yes, you have to work for two. But also reduce the probability will be lower.

It is not necessary podsizhivat colleagues. It will look mean. And in the future you might somewhere be in contact with the same people. Therefore, similar to pit yourself better not to dig.

The reduction will not touch the 100% of the staff. So try to be the best employee of the company. And then you will be able to keep their job.

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