Flower-monetary gratitude to the people of certain professions

Flower-monetary gratitude to the people of certain professions
 The vast majority of people would agree that a bribe - it's bad. However, corruption is rampant, and many workers without this additional incentive not want to take up the execution of their duties. Often, even people who criticize bribery, instead of money are flowers and candy.
 Money in envelopes, bouquets of flowers and house plants in pots, boxes of candy, chocolate, tea and coffee, fruit, alcohol - is the most common gift, which the grateful citizens are doctors, teachers, government officials. The list of course is not limited thereto. Sometimes as a present bring potatoes, homemade pickles / preserves, meat - what rich.

Do not lag behind and representatives of professions that these gifts are intended. "Doctors do not eat flowers", "Flowers and candy do not drink" - such humorous posters can be seen in offices. That's just sometimes it is unclear whether workers similarly refuse offerings at all, then there really hinted that should bring specific things.

The desire of citizens to enlist the support specialist in solving their problems is understandable. The doctor, who was awarded the relatives of the patient pay raises, is likely to be more attentive to the patient, and the teacher is likely to take a much more active in developing the talents of the child if the parents will present her perfume bottle. In this case, there is a tendency, when the "spoiled" by representatives of some professions do not pay attention to customers who do not carry their offerings.

In the West, the situation is somewhat different. Flower buketno gratitude exists there. However, it looks somewhat different. Grateful client can give a New Year gift to his doctor to whom he goes for several years. Parents of students are often thrown off and buy a present for my birthday teacher. But it looks like rather than gratitude, and as a gift to a good friend. Bribes are the same in Europe, a great rarity.

Of course, largely to blame for the current situation and low salaries, many doctors and teachers, especially those working in provincial towns. Also happens that some doctors do make miracles, and teachers are doing so that inveterate Losers corrected and goes to college. And these people want something to thank. How and in what cases it is worth doing - is up to you.

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