Doctor: profession or lifestyle?

Doctor: profession or lifestyle?
 Number of trades, known today, is hardly beyond counting. Talk about which ones are important, too, would not be appropriate. But some, of course, require more commitment than others. For example, the medical profession, in which ordinary everyday work flows smoothly into life itself. And then it appears the concept of "work as a way of life."

"All professions are needed, all professions are important" - teach children at reading lessons in elementary school. Time passes, and yesterday's first-graders, preparing for final exams, think about the kind of future activities. Teaching, law, medicine, oil ... - selection of faculty at this age are often due to either the desire of parents or family as a tradition, or because "it is fashionable." But have at least a part of the students about what they are expected complexity wherever they come to work after graduation?

Profession, and, respectively, and the place of work can be divided into two groups. The first group includes those activities that do not require "homework": working day ended, and you with peace of mind to go home. In the second group includes occupations that "grab" and the individual's own time. Undoubtedly, it includes teachers and doctors. Thoughts on patients and their illnesses, selecting and prescribing the words relatives and friends of the sick person - this and more doctor "is" home. In fact, his mind does not rest and continues to work, going through treatment options, the patient's condition, instructions to staff that have to do tomorrow ...

Even Socrates said that from God in this world only three professions - doctor, judge and educator. It's no wonder in everyday life can often hear the phrase: "Doctors need to be born," "He's a doctor from God," and so forth. These are the experts, of course with a good education, not only to achieve professional heights, but also save thousands of lives.

Doctor - it is not just a profession. This is a heavy daily work, which, at times, "takes" and the physical and moral reserves of the organism. The so-called "test of aptitude" doctors are still a student, after training at the Medical University can not be called easy. Mental toughness, discipline, punctuality, diligence and patience - qualities that daily help professionals in the area to deal with daily challenges. And they abound in the hospital. After all, how difficult it is sometimes to instill confidence in the future to the people who today are bedridden.

Doctor - a way of life also because of the doors and hospitals, clinics, health centers, continuing the same struggle for people's lives: the doctor will not pass by, after witnessing an accident, think before you pick up a cigarette or a glass of wine, respond the call for help in the subway, airplane, train. Honest doctor never disconnect the phone even during a party or a break in the country, he - always on duty, always on guard of health and life of humans.

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