Corporate style clothes and your wardrobe

Corporate style clothes and your wardrobe
 You got a new job, but if he did not feel at ease. All are looking at you askance, whispering behind your back and grunted irritably. What's wrong? It's possible you have not considered a small but significant Circuits - corporate style clothes. Formal dress code in the company where you work, and can not be entered, but all the staff dress in a certain way. Learn to comprehend the wisdom of corporate suit.

If you've never worn any jackets or formal suits, have to learn. Make it better, just carefully examined his colleagues. Pay attention to what colors prevail in your team. If all dressed strictly, but allow the bright colors and flashy accessories, then you and it, too, can be practiced. But if you see nothing but gray and black shades and almost no makeup and jewelry for women, better beware and be a pioneer in this field. Your crimson suit and a huge brooch, of course, can be a model of taste, but if such a company is not accepted, hardly you will be satisfied.

So, with the direction and style you are more or less defined. Now it is necessary to think about what kind of things need to be in your wardrobe. Firstly, it is, of course, costumes. Buy multiple - a garment that advantageous to look in any situation. It is better to choose options with a skirt and pants, as well as such that they can be combined to suit your taste.

Be sure to buy white blouses. Buy more than one, because white gets dirty very quickly. Couple with long sleeves and three or four short. Some offices do any color other than white, you can not wear, so prepare for it in advance. If you have a work permit another color, buy a blouse beige or pink color. Too bright experiments, again, do not spend. In a radical red or canary yellow blouse will come only if you are sure that this is allowed.

Take care of your shoes. Corporate culture involves strict office clothes, but he is inconceivable without elegant shoes. Forget once and for all about ballet flats, sandals and flip-flops. Now you have to go to rigorous boats or on the heel. By the way, high heels, oddly enough, is still actively used by a business woman in the world. This is beautiful, and strictly, and very sexy.

Accessories should not be carried away. If the office of strict rules, the maximum that you can afford - a chain or bracelet from some of the noble metal. Large alyapistye wear jewelry, but if it is not forbidden. Also very dangerous to experiment with the length of your skirt, reducing it every day more and more. Let skirt is so long as it is convenient to you and your colleagues. Do not get carried away.

Applying these simple rules, you can successfully transformed from a teenage girl, which were last work, in an elegant and relaxed business woman who on the shoulder any task. Do not ignore corporate style of dress, because it is not only fashionable, but it can be very feminine.

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