Caravanning as a new type of business

Caravanning as a new type of business
 To date, the problem is that the number of sentences often exceeds demand. Competition in the small and medium business rolls over and find a niche budding entrepreneur is not easy. So maybe you are interested in a new direction in the business for which there is strong demand, and the proposal has not yet produced enough.
 This type of business is called caravanning, it is a special kind of trailering. Its main feature is the accommodation and travel in vans - mobile homes, which are equipped with everything necessary for this. It can be as house trailers, which are driven by car, and self-propelled "buses". With the first type to be careful, because Russia's transport people in the trailer caravan is prohibited. Therefore, to caravanning as a trailer-van is better to use a car that can seat in the cabin all travelers.

Currently in Russia there are only a few companies that offer the organization of caravanning. A demand for this type of travel has always been high. However, to buy a house on wheels can not everyone, because its value can range from 600,000 to 4 million rubles. But such a rent trucks for the holiday period - is another matter. Cost of 1 day rental motorhome is about 5,000 rubles. Although it is expensive, but it will be expensive for many.

To open in the region caravanning, you will need: van, parking, office and staff. Vans - the most expensive part of this business. The cheapest are the trailers vans. In this case, for towing motorhome customer will use your own car.

As parking is better to use the garage to expensive vans long stood in the snow and rain. You will also need an office where you will be to negotiate with clients. In addition, you'll need accountants, economists and lawyers that can help you to draw up a contract with clients.

It is also necessary to conclude a contract with the stations and repair shops to service your equipment and prepare it for the next season. Caravanning season usually begins in mid-spring to mid autumn. Perhaps, in the southern regions of Russia season lasts a little longer.

Do not forget about the noisy advertising campaign for its non-standard business. After all, it is likely in your area will be innovation. This means that you will need to competently explain to potential customers what caravanning and what are the advantages of this type of vacation. For maximum outreach potential customers try to use all the mainstream media that are in your area.

It is desirable that you could also include your own car wash, as vans needs to maintain an impeccable cleanliness. In addition, special attention is paid to the choice of taps for laying pipes for the car. The best option is to use a forged stainless steel taps, since they are less exposed to the risk of corrosion.

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