And can become burning brunette?

 Each girl will sooner or later thinking about how to dye hair black. What practice?

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Perhaps you often think about changing the image. Often, substantial image change entails a change in hairstyle, wardrobe and your beautician. But if you suddenly transformed from blonde to brunette, it can really turn your life.

And can become burning brunette?And can become burning brunette?
And can become burning brunette?And can become burning brunette?
And can become burning brunette?And can become burning brunette?

Black hair color can tell a lot about you. It can make you look like a girl or a beautiful eastern Goth diva. If you go to a good specialist, he undoubtedly will help you to create the effect of cascading hair raven.

But, unfortunately, be a brunette is not suitable for everyone. Think carefully before you tell your stylist that you are today, in that whatever the cost, should be the burning brunette. Your desire is understandable, but not necessarily immediately give the hair a shade soot.

Experts believe that in order to get started is to carefully examine the color of their skin. Dark hair perfectly suited dark-skinned girl or owners of bronze tan. Ladies with fair skin may also decide to dark hair color, but light should not mean porcelain, otherwise you exactly threatens to become like a Goth.

As an example, unsuccessful experiments stars who once expressed a preference is burning black. Remember Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in 2000. She looked like a witch! Or Ashlee Simpson, who wanted to be funny rocker-chick with black hair. And as the world shuddered when he saw a pretty blonde Britney burning brunette, at the sight of which was lost for words and not with admiration.

Before becoming a burning brunette, try to give your hair a rich brown color. After that, do not rush to dye my hair black earlier than 2 months: let them relax a bit, besides there will be time to get used to the new color and evaluate yourself. If after this period you firmly decide that black strands will suit you better - congratulations, you're ready to cardinal change the image!

According to the majority of men have a greater brunettes strong character. Besides the stronger sex shag owners believe the color resin bitchiness special or femme fatale. Men also note that brunettes more creative and passionate in bed.
According to the research 87% of men called brunettes smarter, 67% reported self-sufficiency and independence, while 62% considered dark-haired girls confident and competent.

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