Unique jewelry Anna Dello Russo

Unique jewelry Anna Dello Russo
 Anna Dello Russo is the epitome of this style. It not only follows fashion, she walks outfits on the day of the premiere. True leaves designers time to present their collection. She is always in the spotlight, and its unique decoration always dazzling.

Extravagant, expressive, vivid images, which are created by Anna Dello Russo, fully reflects its character courageous woman. She is not afraid to experiment with clothes and turn podiums in casual-things.

Each appearance in public Anne begins with admiration. Glamorous lady around prefers maximalism. She is not afraid to wear a hat in the form of a pair of cherries under evening dress. Hats - is its weakness, in addition to shoes with heels and accessories.

Flashy jewelry and large red, wearing leopard dress on top - a real provocation. Anna she manages with success. Her eye-diamond, designers say. She first noticed at shows what they say and write millions of publications around the world.

Energetic and creative Anna Dello Russo uses unique decoration for self-expression. It seamlessly combines bright colors semi-precious stones with clothes muted colors. Summer extravaganza this woman can not apply make-up, replacing it with bright beads unimaginable forms. They are perfectly set off the color of the skin - says Anna.

Millions of women will wear the decoration with a lot of stones on the bare décolletage. But not Anna! It certainly come up with an unusual image that will be remembered for all long. She wears a necklace over a dress, and the dress will be closed, but sewn from the finest lace.

She wears dresses in pastel colors. Modesty in them it crosses completely. To do this, use of white gold jewelry, pendants, for example. Massive suspension golden Anna perfectly with the outfits of black and dark blue fabric. Not her style? And you can put on a chain with a lock, which practically covers the neck?

World fashion designer creates outfits for the catwalk and for her to Anna Dello Russo. Unique decoration for designer clothes picks Anna herself, emphasizing their own individual style.

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