The underwater world in the design of modern jewelry

The underwater world in the design of modern jewelry
 Looking into the depths of the ocean, the designers have learned there are many ideas for creating jewelry. Sea World, with its bizarre inhabitants, now Eldorado for those seeking inspiration. In addition, it is mined in the depths of the ocean all the varieties as favorite jewelers and ladies pearls.
 UNDERWATER inspired contemporary designers and jewelers to create a truly fabulous jewelry collection. Bizarre shapes, unusual colors and intricate textures inherent in the depths of the residents, it is suitable to capture them in precious stones and metals.

Grown in the deep-water shells of mollusks white, pink, yellow and black pearls, impaled on a flexible thread turn into a graceful necklace. A framed rose gold or platinum - in earrings, bracelets and tiaras. Mikimoto jewelers straightened in pink gold golden pearls that gently compress the foot of earrings and ring in yellow gold in the shape of a starfish.

All kinds of colors inhabitants of the underwater kingdom - ideally embodied in jewelry from semi-precious stones. Here and earrings in the form of fish opal, emerald, sapphire brooch, bracelets, crabs and lamprey black agate. The company they will make, so like flowers, jellyfish of alexandrite with opal and topaz. Especially popular are the suspension, dolphins de Grisogno, studded with diamonds, sapphires with eyes. Shimmering facets, they perfectly complement any evening outfit.

What a sea princess without a tiara in her hair? At this point the wizard surpassed itself. Platinum tiara in the form of weaves emerald algae, which if confused Opal and coral fish. Golden tiara with diamond and ruby ​​starfish. Acme of perfection is a diadem of pink gold, with diamond-studded seahorses and decorated with rare gems Conk and chalk. These stones are a rare breed separate gemological group of pearls and even their weight is measured in carats.

Jewellery hand, in the form of chains and bracelets, there is no number. Bracelets on the forearm and shoulder area, reminiscent of kelp, garnet and tourmaline. Gently encircling arm, they give a nice glow to the eye skin. In particular Shopard "caught" in a sea of ​​fancy sapphire shoal of sardines and carefully bent it, created a sleek and stylish bracelet. Boucheron brand is admiring glances as fashionistas bracelet emerald sapphire sea snake. It has a flavor - just a little shift precious cap at one end and reptiles found a clock face.

Individual attention ring. Decorated with florid ornamentation and small rubies, rings, jewelry boxes, opening that can be detected diamond jellyfish or coral crab. Rings, in the form of underwater color-anemones sapphire, corundum, topaz and aventurine, do not count. Dior is an elegant masterpiece - ring in the form of golden coral branches with white diamonds. Ring Bochic, resembling a jellyfish of pink diamonds, set in platinum - unusual and very feminine.

These works of art would not leave indifferent and very Aphrodite, born from the sea foam. They give any handle and neck regal appearance.

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