The most famous diamonds

 Gems at all times attracts human attention, especially diamonds. In ancient India, from which came to Europe's most famous diamonds, believed that diamonds are formed from the head start of nature: Earth, Water, Sky, air and energy. I also believe that the devil is afraid of diamond, and that this stone enhances the sharpness of mind, tames the fury, promotes abstinence and chastity, detoxifies poisons. One he bestows fame and fortune, others bring unhappiness, sorrow and disappointment. Today women's magazine JustLady tell about the most legendary diamonds of the world treasure gems.

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In the history of many people the beauty of the diamond is associated with the symbolism of color and good. But most of all diamond is associated with the mysteries of the East, with tales of Sinbad Sailor, Baghdad thief and Treasures of Agra. India has long been home to all of the most renowned for the "historical diamonds", received a romantic name: "Regent" (property of Napoleon Bonaparte), "Koh-i-Noor" ("Mountain of Light"), "Eagles" (located in the scepter of the Russian state) "Daria-i-Noor" (from the treasury of Persian shahs), "Shah" (property of the Mughals), "Eugene", "Star of the East". Talk about diamonds can be infinite, but some of them require special attention.

Famous Diamonds: Koh-i-Noor

Diamond, which in the XVIII century was called the "Mountain of Light" is not the largest in the British royal treasury. But thanks to his colorful life, has become perhaps one of the most legendary rock.

For the first time onfamous diamond 800 carats mentioned in chronicles in 1304. How and where wandered stone unknown until 1526, when the diamond was found among the treasures of the Mughals.

In 1739, Nadir Shah of Persia conquered the capital of India, and carefully guarded by stone was stolen them by cunning. Then the famous Koh-i-Noor repeatedly changed owners and geography, visited Afghanistan and the kingdom of Punjab. In 1849, the diamond was in the ownership of the East India Company and the following year was officially presented to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. In its order, the master of Holland faceted diamond in the form of "roses". This cut significantly change the shape and weight of the diamond, earned him a rock-solid reputation.

Until now, no one knows the exact origin of the Koh-i-Nor, where he received his first cut and when it happened. But many researchers agree that a diamond mined in India, which was the sole global source of precious stones until the XVIII century.

The most famous diamonds

Famous Diamonds: Cullinan

The largest diamond in the art by which cut real revolution took place. It is named after the owner of one of the mines in South Africa - Thomas Cullinan. The world's largest diamond, the size of a fist and weighed 621 grams of 20 found in 1905, and the news of the miraculous discovery instantly spread around the world.

The owner sold the Cullinan Transvaal government, which in turn passes the gem as a gift to the birthday of King Edward VII.

After hours of discussion, it was decided to cut it into several small diamond stones of different size and weight, and every facet. Entrust such a responsible job Edward VII ventured famous masters from Amsterdam - brothers Asher. It was finally passed 9 large and 96 small diamonds. Among the large diamonds obtained after the legendary Cullinan, was the Cullinan I, Great Star of Africa, which became the huge diamond in the world (it weighs 530, 20 carats), the other eight stones were called the Lesser Star of Africa. Famous Stoneshaper received the award for his work 102 diamond from the total.

In 1910, Prime Minister Louis Botha of South Africa have bought the famed collection. Subsequently, these stones are presented Princess of Wales. A three large diamonds are the pride of the English crown and the treasures kept in the Tower.

The most famous diamonds

Famous Diamonds: Daria-i-Noor

The famous diamond Nadir Shah of Persia - the most beautiful of the entire collection of Persian monks. Pinkish stone, weighing 279 carats, for a long time adorned the throne of the Shah.

At the beginning of the XIX century stone split and the majority (176 carats), inserted into a rectangular gold frame is stored in the Treasury Persian shahs in Tehran.

The most famous diamonds

You have seen only threefamous diamondBut they are perhaps the most graceful and prove that the beauty of the crystal is wonderful and amazing. Seek further evidence of this or not, you decide. I only mention that, in addition to the value, beauty and luster, gems possess magical powers. Anyone who owns a diamond is able from time to time to enjoy their power. After this difficult not to agree that the diamond - the perfect stone, right?

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