Properties of rocks and minerals

Properties of rocks and minerals
 Few people in the world who are able to remain indifferent at the sight of these unique creations of nature as valuable gems and minerals. They are inseparable from the history of mankind for centuries inspired poets, writers and sculptors. Stones and minerals, in addition to its absolute aesthetic value, have different healing properties.

Properly selected, these materials help to heal from a variety of diseases. Each stone has individual properties and can act as a defender as a talisman, talisman or amulet.

Is of great importance, such as stone or mineral got to the owner. If they are stolen, they can bring huge misery. Bought stone enters into force only after a few years. The fastest way to a rock and mineral show its properties if it is presented or passed by inheritance.

Only a certain stone can energize you, affect your life in a certain period of time. Choose stones and minerals that you instinctively like. Their language - the language of feelings. Therefore, your stone - the one to which you want to touch.

When choosing a stone, try to feel the energy of his hands. To do this, hold the palm of your hand for a while on different rocks and try to feel their vibrations. Trust your primary instinctive reaction.

Aventurine helps with allergic dermatitis, rashes, hair loss and neurodermatitis. Products of lower pressure, cure bronchitis and colds, accelerate wound healing.

Agatha improve potency, help with long-term protracted cough, detoxification of the body. There is information that agates protect against radiation exposure.

Aquamarines strengthen the body's defenses, help with skin diseases, relieve toothache, beneficial effect on the stomach and liver. They help to cope with seasickness, remove stress and fear.

Vibration of the diamond have a positive impact on the various organs of the body, but especially in the heart and brain. Diamonds reduce heat, relieve fatigue and stimulate metabolism. Impulsive people to wear diamonds is not recommended.

The ancient Hindus believed that smoky quartz can excrete the negative energy.

Articles made of pearls are beneficial in hypertension. In the treatise of Tibetan medicine indicate that it helps with nervous disorders and memory loss.

Emeralds, thanks to its lush green color is considered by doctors recognized eye diseases. In addition, emeralds also help with insomnia, in diseases of the urinary bladder. They treat diabetes, burns, heart pain, lower blood pressure.

Onyx is used in diseases of the nervous system depression. It relieves stress and relieves pain, promotes emotional balance. Products with onyx exacerbate hearing and enhance memory.

Do not forget that stones and minerals can not replace the advice of a doctor and stop taking the drugs.

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