Magic Gold Love Story women jewelry

Magic Gold Love Story women jewelry
 Gold - is primarily a symbol of wealth and power. Long since it is humanity both happiness and suffering. That only for him did not make people: betrayed, robbed and even killed. And all for the sake of a little gold trinkets. What is so attractive in this metal?

Undoubtedly, the gold is indeed a beautiful metal. It sparkles so many shades from lemon yellow to ocher. Furthermore, it does not corrode, is extremely durable and plastically.

Women for centuries loved decorating. They served not only the charms of supernatural forces, but also reflects the situation in a society that held the woman and her family. Gold jewelry have become one of the most important places in her life, because in addition to the social status of this precious metal has some connection with mysticism. For example, gypsy love gold plated jewelry, because they believe in its protective effect. Since ancient times, it is believed that they act in a certain way on the man, his character and mood. For example, people cheerful, active and cheerful gold "loves". At the same time, for less fortunate people it serves as a talisman. That is why gold jewelry so popular with women, they are able to cheer up, make it possible to feel beautiful. In Central Asia, especially women are on a lot of gold jewelry: There is a tradition that when a woman is divorced just what she wears, including a variety of bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces.

Previously, influence and wealth measures the amount of gold figurines, plates, gold in the clothes, the decoration of the house. Now a number of rather soft metal will seem tasteless and wild. Nowadays, it is relevant stylish gold jewelry. Many celebrities specially bought for yourself products from famous designers: such things are not only valuable in themselves, they are the only one of its kind, that is exclusive.

Than providing a modern woman, the more it can afford in terms of jewelry. Many stars of show business spend a whopping amount to just walk on the red carpet in the necklace of the famous fashion designer. For the love of a woman in gold is worth more than a strong desire to be beautiful, compelling, desirable and unique.

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