How to distinguish gold from a fake

How to distinguish gold from a fake
 Perhaps no precious metal, which would be the same demand in the jewelry market as gold. And we know that demand creates not only offer original products, but also the number and quality of counterfeits. From consumers often can hear the story of the supposedly high quality Russian gold compared to gold from other countries. These statements speak of an honest mistake people. As a rule, the quality and the price of gold is determined by its breakdown.

In our country, the metric system is used probirovaniya. It shows how many grams of pure gold is present in one kilogram of gold alloy. Gold products can be 375, 585, 750 (most popular 585 and 750) and 999. Gold 375 samples, which make up the bulk of the additives, very rugged, but due to their presence, quickly oxidized, darkens and loses its attractive presentation. A sample of 999, being virtually pure gold in jewelry does not occur because of the softness, fragility and brittleness of the material. This sample is typical for gold bullion.

Golden color products does not depend on its quality and fineness, and is associated with the presence of an additive. Reddish color gold gives the presence of copper (a shade "of pure" gold most in demand in the Russian market), white - nickel and platinum. In the presence of silver, depending on the quantity and quality gold color tone may vary from green to bright yellow or even white.

How to buy an expensive piece of jewelry to protect yourself from fake? The answer may be the same: you can not buy this product in the stalls, transitions, from the hands of random people, no matter how attractive did not seem to price. A chance to get a fake disproportionately less in major jewelry stores. But even buying goods in a shop, it is necessary to examine it very carefully, paying attention to the quality of locks and mounting stones. Even better if you can make a purchase of gold in the jewelry factory, in this case the chance to buy a fake minimal.

If you are still in doubt as gold, then you can check it at home for authenticity. Apply a small amount of iodine on a piece of jewelry, wait a few minutes and if it is oxidized, it means that you have sold a fake. Check the authenticity can and using lyapisnogo pencil that is easy to buy at any pharmacy. If after you rub the product lyapisnym pencil, it shines as before - this is undoubtedly the gold. If gold was black - it is a fake. Well, the main thing - remember that it is better to check on the authenticity of the gold in the jewelry store.

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