How to distinguish a fake gold

How to distinguish a fake gold
 At all times, the product of a metal such as gold cost dearly. And now that modern technology allows to forge almost any thing, the more you want to be sure of the authenticity of the purchased gold.
 To accurately be sure of the authenticity of the gold, it is best to show it experienced jewelers. Only after careful examination it with 100% can say about the quality of the gold products.

But, unfortunately, is not always possible to apply to the jeweler. In this case, you can check the quality of the product in several popular methods.

Carefully inspect the gold items. It must necessarily be sample. It is also good if printed on gold producer. But this is not a guarantee of genuine metal.

Put on a little gold ordinary iodine, wait a few minutes and wipe off with a soft cloth. If gold will remain fingerprints, smudges, or it will change its color, then we can say with certainty about the forgery. Because in real gold iodine is not affected.

In the case where iodine is not at hand, it is possible to do a similar experiment using vinegar or lyapisnogo pencil to stop the blood, which is sold in any drugstore. If the metal is oxidized, so it is a fake.

There are times when the gold composition applied in a thin layer on the base metal. Then help check magnet - Gold should not be a magnet. If the product is not attracted by a magnet, but it is too light, then by gold-plated aluminum may be simple, as well as that gold does not react to a magnet. But here is necessary to consider the weight.

You can also compare the brilliance of gold products in the shade and in the sun. Retain the color of the gold present in both cases, and the fake will be slightly darker shade.

Another method of authentication is the test of gold - holding them on the tile. If after that on the tile will not trace gold and dark scratches, then the product is not gold, and it is better not to acquire. A good one can even rub it on your own skin. Currently, the gold should not leave dark marks on it.

These simple methods can detect gross fake gold. And the best way to protect yourself from buying counterfeit products - is to buy them in stores or on the tested jewelry factories.

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