Handmaiden: author's jewelry

Handmaiden: author's jewelry
 This jewelry is always striking and attracts attention. Still, after each job is unique! This good piece, so - especially valuable. And only in this necklace or bracelet invested so much soul.

Author's jewelry is becoming increasingly popular on the background of the fact that every woman, a girl and a girl wants to emphasize their individuality. That's why with handmade jewelry we face since birth.

Especially popular among young mothers are slingobusy. And bright and elegant, and the kid entertainment. Such beads knitted on individual models. Contribute to mood elevation mom and development interest in the world around the baby. What a pleasant, of course, to keep in the hands of "warm" beads, instead of plastic.

For girls and young women now have jewelry for every taste and color. Wizards make necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of different materials. There are products made of felt wool, stones, metal pieces, knitted, embroidered with beads, decorative ribbons and fabrics made of polymer clay. In short, find a decoration to their liking simple. And most importantly, none of this will be no more.

The cost of such decoration varies and depends on how much time and effort is spent on manufacturing. For example, to mold clay brooch much faster than the same matted wool or tie. However, the skilled craftsmen can produce the original "Thing" in just a few hours.

Another plus is the author's jewelry - it can be ordered. Professionals make exclusive items that will not be no one else. In addition, this approach decoration clearly reflects your character.

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