Engagement Ring: decoration for life

Engagement Ring: decoration for life
 This symbol of love and fidelity first appeared in ancient Egypt. During the wedding ceremony, the Egyptians put on the ring finger of the left hand looped thin strips of gold. This rite, they believed, would help to preserve a sense of the elect or chosen one until the end of life. Modern rings are made not only of gold, and their design is much more diverse than it was thousands of years ago, but the purpose of this symbolic decoration remains the same.
 The choice of wedding rings - employment responsible. It is in this decoration, if you're lucky with family life, can be held until his death. This means that the ring must be beautiful, but not pretentious, approach to the style of clothing and other decorations, and most importantly - like and do not interfere with its owner. To take into account all of these requirements, the bride and groom have to remeasure sometimes more than a dozen rings. And the older generation - the future mother-in-law - and exacerbate the already difficult situation of choice, remembering the many omens and superstitions. So, in any case can not be measured and buy someone else's wedding rings - the fate of others to put on yourself. An exception is made only for the mother of the bride a ring, and then under the condition that mom and dad - a long and happy marriage. It is not recommended to take the carved rings: only with smooth decorations family life will be smooth.

Those couples who do not believe in omens, and prefers to buy wedding rings according to your taste, are facing endless rows of jewelry made of gold, platinum, silver, with and without stones, with the possibility of engraving with rotating the center are ... It is important to decide on the basis from their own style and way of life, what kind of ring is more suitable bride and groom.

The classic version - smooth gold wedding ring - chosen by those who are going to wear this symbol of marriage without taking off. Some prefer the option of silver or platinum, if you do not like gold glitter or are allergic to this metal. For those who would like to ring with "secret", jewelers offer to do the engraving on the inside of the product, the name of a loved one, wedding date or a beautiful phrase in Latin.

Bright, expensive diamond rings or other precious stones suitable for those who are planning to wear the decoration "on the way out", and the rest of the time to keep it in a safe, doing more economical analogue with cubic zirconia. If the bride wants to shine, but the opportunity to buy a diamond ring is not present, it is necessary to pay attention to the gold wedding ring with diamond cut. And fans of original products like the look of fashion today Rings "mechanics", consisting of three bonded thin rings with notches, the average of which rotates.

Whatever engagement ring as a result was not purchased, will need to take care of all. Gold is recommended to wipe flannel products with stones clean cotton swab soaked in cologne. And, even if the owner of the ring made a vow will never shoot better not to risk decoration and protect it from contact with abrasive cleaners, chemicals and iodine.

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