Yule divination

Yule divination
 Yule divination practiced with Christmas Eve to Epiphany, are considered the most reliable and detailed. They need to be alone at midnight, it is best with her hair and remove the belt. Before divination must carefully focus on issues of interest.

Take a sheet of newspaper, crumple it and put it on a plate. Light the paper and wait until it is completely burned. Placing a candle next to a plate, look at the shadow cast by the paper on the wall. A figure similar to the house, will mean getting married soon and furnishing the new economy. Wedding ring and also predict a candle. Damn promises a long girlhood. Shapeless ruins symbolize the misery in the future. Trees whose branches are directed upwards, means joy, drooping branches are a sign of sorrow.

The same symbols must be used at divination by candlelight. Melt the stubs of white candles, pour into a bowl of cold water and try to decipher the resulting wax figure.

Put on a saucer 21 new needle and slowly fill with water. When the needle will change their position on the resulting image can be carried out interpretation. Crosses formed needles will mean detractors.

If you have a hair of a loved one, you can spend guessing hair. In the bowl of water at midnight, add a pinch of ash, salt and sugar. Move the water and throw it in your favorite hair and hair. If the morning hair intertwined with each other, it means a quick wedding. Hair located at a distance from each other, predict separation. Drowned hair portends illness or death of its owner.

In a smooth-walled glass pour water to three quarters. At the middle of gently lower pre-brushed wedding ring. Staring into the center of the ring for a long time, you can see the betrothed.

On the edge of a basin with water glue strips of paper with written on them events. If some of Gad, the event must be selected one, and on pieces of paper inscribed with the names of those present. Take half a walnut shell and sealed therein candle-end, push the symbolic boat to the middle of the pelvis. Zagadannoe come true, if the note to which will swim shells, lit by touch.

The most common is the divination divination by the name of her spouse. Get out of the house at midnight and ask the first comer man his name. Just name will be your favorite.

Thread the needle in the red silk thread a length of about 70 cm, tie a knot at the end. Take in Gad girl coin and put it on the table. Needle-tip point the pendulum in the center. Gad person must ask the question, assuming a positive or negative response. Fixed needle would mean no answer to the question. The needle moving means in a longitudinal direction of a positive response in cross - negative.

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