What do the runes

What do the runes
 Runes - a system of signs of the ancient alphabet of the Vikings, who also used as predictions. Each of them has its own magic sense, but during the ritual even recorded and their various combinations with each other. But ancient Viking runes were not used for divination and fortune-telling - it was a ritual of communion with the gods and souls of the dead. With their help, make decisions, they form the magic spells, amulets.
 Determine what value are runes will be easy if you write them all in a separate notebook. Since each rune has several meanings, you only need to remember only the ground, upon which the rest. Vikings values ​​for each rune recorded in verse form. In order to better remember, and you use this method, but note that verse for each rune you have to write your own, and they should not distort the original, sacred meaning of each sign.

The 24 runes, but the main value of which is necessary to know initially are only 16. Each of them has a direct and inverted position, but on the value of these provisions are not the exact opposite of each other. The values ​​of some basic runes you can remember quite easy.

One of the main runes - Mannaz, like the letter M and another cat ears. It refers to a man, his mind and intelligence, it is a symbol of the mind, clarity of thought, conscious actions, striving for a goal. In the upside it symbolizes arrogance, snobbery, selfishness, isolation on itself. Gebo rune like the letter X and has an inverted position. This rune partnership, the unity of opposites, can symbolize the interchange, receiving and offering gifts.

Raido Rune resembles an angular Latin letter R. This sign of pilgrims and travelers, those for whom life - the road. It is a talisman that protects from the dangers and showing the right path. In the upside down is the symbol of the movement against the will and common sense - a warning once again to think before you move in a certain direction.

Isa - a vertical line, which also does not have inverted values. This rune cold, inhibition processes of stagnation. But the ice of northern peoples - the source of life. Rune Inguz like the two letters M, set vertically and in contact with each other upper corners. It also does not have an inverted position and means masculinity and strength, fertility.

Berkana is similar to the letter B, it symbolizes the inner growth, development from within. Reversed - a call to think about how to provide inner strength that will help your personal growth. Rune Dagaz - two equilateral triangles, set vertically and adjoining peaks. It is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and power. It may also be important breakthrough, transformation, change for the better.

Two strong runes - Teyvaz and Thurisaz. The first is dedicated to the supreme deity of the Vikings - the Torah, it looks like an arrow points upwards. Its value - fairness, honesty and openness. In the upside-down - calls for reflection on their actions, analysis of action. The second rune is named after the giant Tours & god Thor, the sign is similar to the triangular ax. Has warlike value and upside down - a call for reflection.

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