Meaning of the name Anna

Meaning of the name Anna
 Anna comes from the Hebrew "grace." In the name of energy combined with patience and openness, ability to self-giving. Owners of such a good name, have a gentle nature.

Anna childhood growing developed and obedient child. Likes pets, very artistic, devotes a lot of time needlework, well at school. Girlfriends and her friends are always a lot.

Her desire to help people is reflected throughout life, it helps dedication and compassion for people. In the care of strangers she forgets about himself that sooner or later impact on her health. It is therefore very important that it balances concern for others with the care of itself. Anya must learn to rest and relax, giving up the problems of others.

Otherwise it can cause negative altruism attitude. The more it becomes dislike yourself, the more will start to show its willingness to help others and, consequently, on the contrary. This forms a vicious circle environement and fatal to herself. Anna loved ones need to surround with care, love and attention.

Anna should work on a sense of humor, she too seriously the criticism that is often the cause of anguish. Therefore, we must be able to laugh not only at the wit of others, but sometimes on themselves.

Married owners of this name offer to go serious men. It becomes a caring wife, a good housewife and a wonderful mother. But the happiness it can give only a cheerful person, cheerful, able to make her life a living stream. In the family, she can not forgive betrayal, closes in itself. The very name of the owner of the faithful, unable to commit adultery. Appreciates family comfort. Anya loves children and gets a good mother.

Anna never forgets to visit the hairdresser or buy new shoes, she watches her appearance, does not tolerate sloppiness, intuitive. The paper - full commitment, while she does not think about the material rewards, it fades into the background.

Anna has many friends, she is able to empathize and help at any time. Should not abuse these qualities, as holders of that name much worried about someone's failures.

Name Day is celebrated on August 7, September 21, December 21, Feb. 16, Jan. 10, December 22, June 26 and 12 November in the Orthodox calendar.

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