How to read the signs of destiny

How to read the signs of destiny
 In the hustle and bustle of business, in the welter of thoughts and flow problems people often go to their way of life, not noticing anything around him, "look and see" how in the dark. It merely states the facts of certain events, distressed, hitting a negative situation or miss obvious luck. But if you be a little more closely, we can see the warning signs, signs of destiny.
 Because in your head is constantly spinning the bits and pieces of some thoughts, even when you are not busy with a specific task, the brain is busy, you do not hear the voice of intuition, do not see those signs that are sent to you from the outside. To be sensitive to these prompts, try consciously to drive away from itself extraneous thoughts, intentionally listen to the silence within yourself, thus providing a channel for the passage of signals - a sign of destiny.

As these signs usually appear? They may look like phenomena or events that you did not specifically relate to, for example, you're standing in the store, select some items, and at this moment hear the conversation of strangers next to him, and his topic is sharply negative. It may not be even a hint of those salted mushrooms that you caught my eye, however, it may be a warning sign.

Another example: you are walking along the streets of the city, puzzled over a dilemma - on Monday to express their dissatisfaction with the chief wage arrears or not. And suddenly my eye catches a sign saying "no progress" had never paid any attention, and now paid - this is very similar to "sign out" and you should not ignore it. The same principle can be guided, when, for example, the day you've been busy with a serious issue, and at night had a completely incomprehensible dream - rubbish, the main thing here, to recognize the negative or positive it has meaning.

Sometimes the mere fact that you can not get through somewhere, time to get to the station or to the airport, get on with the new employer can show you - do not "knock on the closed door." At such moments, ask yourself whether you are in the internal resistance that to get on the plane, in the trip, this particular job?

In general, it should be remembered that all the right decisions is already within you, often unrecognized, hidden in the subconscious. Intuitively, one realizes what step to do, when to back off, or turn to a different path, but the signals from the outside only to push the right decision. And finally - do not look for absolutely everything "finger pointing" in order not to damage his mental health, think, logic, too, can be useful.

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