Horoscope for September

 Compared with the carefree summer months, which are distinguished relative success in all spheres of life, the beginning of autumn will be quite busy. September nobody promises manna from heaven. Moreover, to get something this month, you will definitely have something to leave. But the one who had already adapted to the global economic crisis, all the vicissitudes of September survive painlessly, without feeling a special tension.

If you still have not made any attempts to improve something in your life, in September will develop just such a situation in which you will just have to act more decisively. This month may be unexpected meetings with old acquaintances and friends. His home pay more attention, turning it into a showdown to create coziness and comfort. September breathe freshness into your personal relationships and fill ardent passion dating. But do not get involved in the game, it is better to be themselves, if you want your relationship to become serious.


The sun will be up to 23 September in Virgo, ie Aries should pay attention to health and work. In other words, will be required as a general cleaning of the organism and its environment, and will have to work hard. From the 7th to the 30th will dominate several planets led by Mercury, indicating that the pore congestion in the head and in business. Aries during this period should not rush things, break through the gates of the forehead, but better to be patient and turn your attention to your house, because presence of Mars in Cancer means that there need your ambulance.


This month Taurus visit Muse - suitable period for self-expression in creativity and love. But it is not necessary after the 6th has high hopes for new friends, but the return of the old love can bear fruit. After 22 September will be the time to clean up not only in the workplace but also in his head, and c have the 29th will be a little relaxation.


In September, the Twins want to surround yourself with a homey feel and romance in relationships. At the end of the month they suddenly discover the missing link in the interior of their homes, and a desire to fork out for something expensive to create comfort. In any case, the Twins expect significant material costs. Do not be an exception for the occasion costs and meet new people. But we should not forget that at this time to meet new people do not have to continue. Period of joyful events and pleasures Gemini starts on September 23.


After August 24 in Cancer month and a half will be militant Mars. And since September 7 will begin to vandalize Mercury. During this period may be different failure mechanisms and other minor troubles. Should be careful when traveling and attentive while driving. And Cancers who can not control themselves, in this period will be irritated by little things. But do not panic, as in cancer is highly developed instinct samosohraneniya, and often they get away with it. Also in September, Rakov expect unexpected meetings with old acquaintances.


The lion's bright hair in September even brighter stain Venus. But in addition to beauty, Venus still associated with money. "He likes - so wasted" - this is the principle of typical lioness. On the seventh day, when it begins mischief Mercury, the representatives of most of the characters will be a little "slow down" thinking, and lions here are no exception. Therefore it is necessary to hurry and sign all contracts and transactions in the first week of September. 23rd lions start time to meetings and long conversations with family, friends or just neighbors.


In September, like Hollywood stars, the Virgin everywhere will be met with increased attention. From the first days of autumn they will have a burst of energy and inspiration. All serious cases better finish to the seventh day, until I started to play tricks Mercury, and Birthdays cope better, free from all worries and concerns. 22nd to Virgos will be Venus - the planet of love, prosperity and beauty, generously presenting them not only in the fall foods and beauty, but also loyal fans.


From the first days of autumn Libra suddenly feel tired and a great desire to rest somewhere far away from the madding crowd. But do not relax in the first week of September, and the best time to do it all important matters before the arrival of Mercury, which begins with the seventh day of mischief to the end of the month. You should also prepare for the heads thrusts up to the end of September. Last week of the month for Libra - a tide of new strength and gaining a unique charm.


First days of autumn bring Scorpios new friends, and since the second week of September, announced a long-standing and pals. In this period is the time to distinguish himself in front of his superiors. However, there may not bother knows where the undertaken problems that do not sadden, but rather amused by the Scorpions. At the end of the month may disturb the minor mental anguish.


In September Scorpios should pay attention not only to hone their professional skills, but also intelligence, action which will begin in the second week of the month during economic Mercury. Wise to give your mind a rest from the 7th to the end of September. After all, even the technique is faltering in this period, and only a gentle human brain - even more so. Scorpio also should be careful these days behind the wheel and do not exceed the speed, but the best option - to wave abroad, where great chance to meet his fate.


The beginning of autumn surround Capricorn wise mentors and will expand their horizons. With the advent of Mercury, the relationship with his superiors in September will be strained. But at the end of the month of the sign of Capricorn will exit the Black Moon that will put everything in its place and will finally breathe freely to all members of this sign. Knacks in September will be the unexpected replenishment.


In connection with the activation of the house of disease and suffering Aquarians home in September should take good care of themselves and their health. From the second week of the month should not start any important matters. Nor should it be at this time to linger at home, and it is better to visit more often "in public", as the great chance to meet your soulmate. The planet Jupiter will still be in the sign of Aquarius, but in the last days of September as a sign of the Black Moon will go. This means that all the errors and mistakes committed by Aquarius for the past nine years, will be felt during this period.


The beginning of autumn remind affiliate responsibility. Partners or become unbearable, or too hard, and Pisces in recent years requires freedom. From the seventh September begins hosting Mercury and Saturn is the ninth of the house becomes a partner in direct opposition to Uranus in Pisces. Very carefully during this period should be taken to make new acquaintances. And it is better not to make rash actions.

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