Horoscope for October

 If you behave properly, October will bring you a welcome balance. Do not get carried away extremes observe moderation in all things - and then the stars will help you achieve success in your endeavors and aspirations. Beginning of the month - a good time for the manifestation of active operations in the family, in a house or apartment. Feel free to start repairs, shopping for home, spend spring cleaning.

As for the second half of October, at which time you should pay attention to his personal life. Especially because the stars will make you in this period more dreamy and romantic, will present an inexhaustible creativity. There is your willingness to lyrical relations, in addition, you can successfully start a new novel.

If you already have a pair, remember that feelings need to be updated: romantic dinner, invite your loved one for a walk or to the theater - in other words, more romance! And then your relationship will sparkle with new colors again bring you a pleasant feeling.

The second half of October - an auspicious time for the Knights: your noble deeds will be appreciated. And in this period is good to start sports training - of course, with the children!


During the first half of the month you will be busy with issues related to family relations and property problems. Try to show all his determination and drive - this is the case when you need activity and initiative. Use this time and to solve everyday problems. The second half of October marked the revival of Aries on the personal front - you will actively interact with the opposite sex. This is especially true of male Aries - they will eclipse all other representatives of the stronger sex, will be particularly compelling in the eyes of women. As for the ladies, they begin to show more determination in relationships with men. Luck will be a constant companion both married and single Aries temporarily.


Your perseverance in dealing with people surprise you themselves. Your statements will differ sincerity and frankness that, no doubt. Will be an additional factor causing interest in the opposite sex: new acquaintances you provided. With the onset of mid-October, will have to pay more attention to family problems. Find out the most troubling issues concerning relatives. And in the second half of October, you will be engaged in solving issues related to your work. Pay attention to your health. During this period, should undergo a medical examination, undergo prophylactic treatment.


For typical Gemini star prepared a special activity that will accompany them in all matters throughout the first half of October. Especially active are your actions related to money. Throughout his increased energy you can use to raise revenue. However, the cost will be increased. Not to splurge, try to keep a balance and not to spend too much. The second half of October marked flirting and frequent communication with the opposite sex. Many Gemini is usually modest and silent, showed activity in this period, and will be easy to make new acquaintances. This time is favorable for demonstrating their own erudition and intelligence development.


Courage, determination, initiative - that is characteristic of cancers in early October. It is very favorable time for physical development and sports. Can safely go on business trips, short trips and travel. Starting from the second half of October, Crayfish reconsider their scale of values ​​- perhaps for many of them money and material wealth will become less important than spiritual values. Relationships with family and close relatives will delight you with warmth and positivity - is especially valuable for Rakov was in the second half of October. If your intention is to carry out operations with real estate - comes good for this period.


With the onset of October Lviv activated the need for spiritual development and self-knowledge. Let surrounding notice some slowdown in business and decrease your external activity - but inside you there will be major changes. In spite of everything, feel free to make large purchases, solve financial problems - the first half of October for this purpose perfectly. Fresh from cases in the first half of the month, in the second half you will be able with new strength to take the job. Your activity will become milder, so charm and charisma Lions will make you particularly attractive. Any communication will bring only positive emotions, a small tour and travel will be successful.


During the first half of October, you will actively communicate with your friends. Finding himself near enough people with an active lifestyle, you will be able to soberly assess their potential and make some efforts for their own growth and development. The stars say that the first day of the month are ideal for changing its image - for example, hair coloring or creating a new hairstyle. If you want to do with financial issues - wait for the second half of the month. During this period, all that you will take with respect to money - purchase transactions, financial transactions - to be successful. Now you can slightly reduce their business activities and afford little bleeders.


Starting from the beginning of the month, the balance will be particularly active in achieving these goals. Your character will be flexible, so necessary for a successful solution of many problems - assertiveness balanced by gentleness and honesty - caution. Thanks to this feature you will be able to achieve great things. The second half of the month will bring you inspiration and will realize the unusual plans. If you work in a team, this period is favorable for the win over the new associates and associates who see in you a leader.


Your thirst for knowledge and new things will show up particularly clearly is in October. You will want to expand their horizons may do research, and perhaps the most active way to learn new things. At this time you will be a heated argument with his opponents on a variety of philosophical topics, defending his own point of view. Could complicate relations with friends. It is possible that the reason for this will be the new relationship - your friends and friends will be jealous of you to a new hobby. With regard to your work, here you will find an undoubted success and career growth.


Typical Sagittarians love spontaneous and reckless acts. Well, hurry up: it get away with in the first half of October. But first consider this: you need it? Is not it better to take the opportunity for a smooth change in their lives. And get rid of excess stress can help an intimate relationship with my boyfriend. In the second half of October bravely embarks on a journey with friends. Stars favor the Sagittarius, which woke up craving travel and learning new places. You are waiting for exotic destinations and unusual adventures! And along the way you will be able to learn something new.


All Capricorns, no doubt, feel very active both in business and in the private sphere. This will occur in the first half of the month. You will tend to speak frankly about the most difficult issues and not be afraid of possible relapse. And rightly so: the stars favor the brave Capricorns and allow them to effectively address all the important issues, even though some of their sharpness. Your natural charm, harmoniously complemented by resolute and reasonable steps will bring you success and good results. In the second half of the month can not be afraid of formal questions - you can solve them with ease. Toward the end of the month will bring you increased sexuality and frequent contact with a loved one.


Until the middle of October, Aquarius better hurry with the completion of all cases that require you to increased activity. You will be hard to keep this activity after October 15, so try all the important things to decide before that date. And as soon as the second half of October comes, give yourself the opportunity to simply sit back and relax: take a trip to relax, try to have fun with all the heart. By the way, the stars promise in this period revival in relations with the opposite sex. If you already have your other half, often talk on philosophical topics, discuss their outlook. And you can just dream, to build together a plan for the future.


From the beginning of October will give you a romantic relationship: you will meet new people, which soon could turn into really strong and light feeling. If you have already found your happiness - you will enjoy a harmonious and cordial relations. It is possible that fish in October seriously think about procreation and make a decision about the birth of an heir. The second half of the month will be marked by the transition from romance to a rather intensive labor. Well, you will accumulate enough strength and energy to achieve any purpose. Moreover, you will be able to build a rather sensual intimate relationship with another person that will surprise you emotional lift. And strong enough to repair, and labor progress.

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